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Often it revolves around acquaintances, alcohol, and hazy recollections.
Endless acres of gently undulating farmland drift off towards a hazy horizon.
No wonder the general public has only a hazy idea of what an engineer is.
More than two dozen timber rattlesnakes were basking in the hazy sunshine, heaped in an area the size of a card table.
The answer, appropriately enough for these triple-digit days, is hazy and hotly contested.
If he remembers any other country at all, it's at best a few hazy images.
Besides that, the scene had a lovely hazy quality, which unfortunately rendered the scene quite flat.
The evolutionary relationships between these different groups are hazy however.
Its hazy shade seems to tell a story, but when awakened all you can remember is this photo.
Before that, the accuracy of the dating technique gets hazy.
Hazy childhood memories suggested one that was circuitous but ought to take less time.
Now and then the sun emerged from behind thick clouds, throwing columns of hazy light across the landscape.
The game is so hazy it received almost as many votes as all the other vaporware nominations put together.
The commission's instinct seems to be to take a fairly tough stance on intra-bank lending, but its precise views are hazy.
And then out of the blue, or rather, out of the blue hazy mountains in.
All of this remains in the hazy future of politics and funding, however.
Graduation day was hot and humid, the sky hazy and overcast.
They gathered by the sea during the hazy summer, and at first life couldn't have been sweeter.
In this country fine-art printmaking has always occupied a hazy zone, somewhere between painting and drawing and photography.
The hazy and humid days of summer are upon us, and it seems many are coming down with a case of scarlet fever.
My memories of that day are a series of hazy and fragmented images.
Previous studies have left the effects of marijuana on its own-when not combined with alcohol or other drugs-a little hazy.
It lies slightly above the flat plane of our galaxy, the hazy glow of which can been seen towards the picture's bottom.
The ability to see hazy outlines of large buildings will be replaced with the ability to see the clear shapes of small cars.
The sun, if visible at all, seems dimmer than the full moon on a hazy night.
By nightfall, even the hazy sky had mostly cleared.
The dividing line between foods and medicines has always been a hazy one.
In fact, the source of the original perception is actually kind of hazy.
Evolutionary biology is a hazy, sketchy science indeed.
She may remember some of what occurred in bizarrely minute detail, while other facts remain hazy.
But the story of how the footwear came to be hung by the fire seemingly is a hazy one.
Hazy, dust-filtered sunlight illuminates a landscape of eerie, post-apocalyptic silence.

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