hazing in a sentence

Example sentences for hazing

King, left, were hospitalized this week with infected leg wounds that may have resulted from fraternity hazing.
Groups found guilty of hazing can lose university recognition, funds, and use of campus facilities.
It reminded me of a fraternity hazing with the older monks giving the younger ones grief.
She may have decided that the hazing of a presidential campaign is simply not worth the uncertain reward.
In many ways, it's as much of a ritual hazing as it is a barrier to entry.
Reform medical education to be less of hazing and weed-out.
The school's seniors-to-be, for instance, have embarked on a hazing campaign aimed at next year's freshmen.
The system of teaching by poorly supervised hazing has no place in modern medicine.
It was as though they felt the hazing was a character-building experience for him.
It is regarded as a part of the training, as similar hazing is at military academies.
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