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Watching television may indeed be hazardous to one's health.
Yet the number of children laboring in hazardous and exploitative conditions around the world continues to grow.
Common household hazardous wastes include motor oil, pesticides, batteries and paints.
Meteorites contain no hazardous materials, which may be harmful to humans.
The frightening-looking mushroom cloud emanating from the cooling tower appeared more hazardous than it actually was.
Old commercial and military vessels are good for scrap metal but they carry a full cargo of hazardous materials.
But it is quite possible that publicity can be hazardous to a scientific career.
Aiming to beat hazardous turbulence behind planes.
The discovery that tungsten, by itself in the environment, is also hazardous may escalate things to a new level.
The afterlife is hazardous territory for scholarly conjecture.
Sometimes, though, the autonomy that prime ministers often exercise in foreign affairs can prove hazardous.
The whole procedure is extremely hazardous and toxic.
Chemists are usually asked to invent a solution, but without considering hazardous by-products.
Chopping large amounts of food for a dinner party can be hazardous to your health.
There are also ways of being proactively funny that are less hazardous than trying to tell a joke.
Reading economic history can be hazardous to your ideology.
It is not responsible for workers to be exposed to hazardous materials when modest efforts will protect them.
That's because it's in a tub marked hazardous materials.
But the field is still in its infancy, and commercialising the edge of scientific research is a hazardous business.
Controlling natural processes is often less hazardous than trying to subdue them entirely.
Even relatively short-term labour-market predictions can be hazardous.
Unfortunately, commercial cleaning supplies often contain hazardous substances.
These figures clearly show fossil fuels are more deadly and more hazardous to health.
They can map out physical dangers and act as early-warning systems to alert humans to the presence of hazardous chemicals or fire.
Scientists have discovered that arsenic may be hazardous even in the minute.
At the time, hazardous material teams were on standby to respond to any accidents, police said.
They have disrupted our eco-system to experiment with hazardous materials.
The mold has forced some workers to don hazardous materials suits.
It is expensive and hazardous sending workers out to off-shore wind farms for repairs when there is a mechanical failure.
Throwing away batteries adds hazardous metals to landfills.
Waterspouts-weaker marine cousins that form over warm water-also can be hazardous to human health.
The department is constantly considering whether to take steps to protect workers against hazardous substances.
The range of such policies makes it hazardous to generalise.
Other mining giants spread their risks across multiple commodities and a variety of safe and hazardous countries.
But many other hazardous products are still out there.
Because certain moves may be hazardous to your health.
But this potentially hazardous practice is not recommended hospital procedure.
For the entire twentieth century, school kids were educated with real chemistry, some of which involves hazardous materials.
Is not particularly hazardous if spilled although you wouldn't want to walk in it.
Pack nasty leftovers in closed containers, label, and drop at a hazardous materials disposal center.
They also said chemical solvents being used in the clean-up operation were almost as hazardous as the fuel itself.
They campaigned and litigated against hazardous medical products, getting two dozen of them recalled.
Consider the three major categories of hazardous materials.
Do not recycle food-contaminated paper or any paper or plastic that has been exposed to hazardous chemicals.
Throw away bottles that have contained pesticides, herbicides, motor oil and other hazardous materials.
Lots of solvents used years ago are now considered extremely hazardous.
We got on the hazardous road and once again braved a couple close encounters with buses.
To begin this hazardous adventure he asked for but eight hundred dollars, and would think himself rich with a thousand.
The sort of truck that can carry hazardous materials.
Rescuers continue their work despite hazardous conditions on the ground and the threat of major storms later this afternoon.
Apart from rerouting harmful oil particles, dispersants can also contain hazardous toxins of their own.
Of course this doesn't mean that bad times are necessarily hazardous to your health.
As a candidate, this kind of fantastical thinking is absurd, but as president it would be hazardous.
They miss drinking beer but enjoy the hazardous-duty bonus and the tax-free pay.
Not all change is good, and a vague change can be hazardous.
Account of how money was raised and the hazardous task of building and launching the ship, which cost many lives.
Follow local directions for municipal garbage pickup of hazardous wastes.
But the reproductive strategy was actually quite hazardous, scientists say.
Such a warning could be critical for air traffic, since ash emitted by volcanoes is especially hazardous to jet engines.
But the polar regions are cold, ever-changing and hazardous.
Coupled with a mesh network, it automatically builds a map showing hazardous materials in the area.
The flare is much less hazardous than current techniques, such as deactivating the mine by hand or deliberately detonating it.
It's much less hazardous that methanol and less flammable than ethanol.
Hazardous wastes were spread about much more widely than now.
They're cheaper and easier to produce, too, and are non-hazardous.
It is therefore hazardous to venture a more definite opinion about the nature of this personal determination.
It is a hazardous thing to descend a swift, unknown river rushing through an uninhabited wilderness.
Drilling rights have been snapped up as everyone tries to get a piece of the hazardous action.
Many of the hazardous and unpleasant confrontations with brothel keepers that resulted took place in broad daylight.
Theoretical cosmologist isn't one of the more hazardous occupations of the modern world.
Health statistics may be hazardous to our mental health.
These transform hazardous oil into harmless, nontoxic components.
Hazardous material may be stored for the eons, while other components may be left in place for lack of another purpose.
One helped him identify lab techniques that would allow him to avoid hazardous chemicals.
According to me, they are nothing but diluted forms of the same chemical and hazardous dyes used on normal clothing.
The even higher causal densities in social sciences make generalization from even properly randomized experiments hazardous.
There are only a handful of astronauts sailing around in space, doing what is no doubt a hazardous job.
But of course, its always hazardous to extrapolate into the future.
Somehow, he was bringing hazardous material home to expose his family.
And as for the cream in my coffee, trying to take that away from me will be hazardous to your health.
Not wearing an abaya can be hazardous-but so can wearing one.
There were accidents in other landfills, which made for hazardous operations.
What's new-and potentially hazardous-is the widespread engineering of these particles for commercial purposes.
Harmful pesticides in mainstream flea and tick products are indeed hazardous to more than insects.
To generalise is, naturally, hazardous: each merger deserves scrutiny on its own merits.
Investors have long turned to land as a safe haven for their cash in hazardous times.
When governments rebuild homes repeatedly struck by floods and wildfires, they are subsidising people to live in hazardous places.
Workplaces, the wider environment and many diseases have become less hazardous.
The power still was out in many places, and storm debris made some streets and sidewalks hazardous.
At the end of a winding and hazardous journey, the wicked are vanquished and the children are redeemed.
And with higher stakes have come more hazardous consequences.
There should be warning labels on every suit: this product may be hazardous to your self-esteem.
Reacting too hastily to scientific findings can in itself be hazardous to one's health.
Before a disaster, learn how you will know there is an impending hazardous event.

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