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Now it is up to the federal courts to prevent the hatred from spreading further.
My query is whether such hatred is necessary if a writer's mind is as good as his pen.
We see hatred and jealousy all over the world becoming manifested in the form of terrorism.
The hatred of other cultures and lifestyles is similar to a distaste for other's art forms.
One may eventually prove oneself, but hatred is a completely different matter.
But, it is moving day when my hatred for futons really comes out.
Adversity makes you hardhearted against the world, thus creating hatred between people.
Politicians are pushing new legislation that would ban games deemed violent or that incite hatred.
They completely undermine his project of mutual suspicion and hatred.
It feeds on sectarian strife, lax policing and anti-Western hatred.
As for unhealthy lifestyles, hatred is certainly up there and you're about as sick as they come.
The touchscreen keyboard alone would stir up hatred amongst the tech writers of the world.
There's something bizarre, something psychological, going on with that contrast between personal niceness and political hatred.
Saves lives, sells comics, despite his human brain's hatred for his robot body.
You're not going to gain anything except a hatred of the architecture they've created.
Prejudice arises from human ignorance, human fear and human hatred.
We are all capable of learning hatred even the kind of hatred that produces suicide bombers.
Too many people use hatred as their method of manifestation.
Here, may be, is the clue to both: hatred and the mutual understanding at a certain level.
The only things capable of motivating one into action are hatred or hunger.
Nelson's hatred of conventional structure made him difficult to educate.
Sorry, but being pro-immigration enforcement does not equal hatred.
The hatred for clerics that burned among communist revolutionaries was fueled by a fact of history.
Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.
Sectarian hatred, initially played up by the regime to rally support from other minorities, is becoming a reality.
Unless environmentalism is simply hatred of industry.
Fueled by hatred over his experience in prison, he is reluctant to go and seeks revenge on his former captors.
But, more importantly, their act of hatred sparked a national debate on the nature of violent bias.
Perhaps they would talk about the only worlds they ever knew where they were crushed by inexplicable hatred.
Such unalloyed self-alteration suggests a hatred of the original design.
There is luminous joy in these poems, as they speak against silence and hatred.
On their side they have their money and their strident molls and they accept mockery and hatred as their share.
What will never ease hatred and violence is the untenable status quo.
The violence and hatred unleashed were the defining debacle of the decade.
In the end, fundamentalism is the product of fear, not hatred.
The one thing that troubles me is when rumor becomes hatred and prejudice towards a group of people.
Fueling all this is a near-pathological hatred of the conglomerates that now control the networks and studios.
It has to do with the step-by-step deterioration of their long relationship, which ended in abject mutual hatred.
Thus to selfrighteousness and self-pity is added the third charm of self-hatred.
Every day more angry investors thronged to one of several blogs dedicated to the scandal to pour out their rage and hatred.
It is the kind of hatred people are willing to die for, with no expectation but revenge.
One poetic moment in what was largely an orchestrated hymn of hatred.
He loves them, but hates their hatred and other sins.
Spouted from the mouths of right-winger talk radio, the term is derisive and quite literally dripping with hatred and bigotry.
If whatever happened was borne of hatred, then it is ironic they should remain together in such a way for so long.
The surest way to great evil is hatred then dehumanization.
As much hatred as others throw out, the haters are hated.
It currently falls neatly inside the realm of hatred instead of healthy discourse.
To me, this seems to be fueled by hatred, not tolerance.
They then get a strong dose of concealed self-hatred, which makes them a danger to others.
There feelings for humanity are nothing short of hidden hatred.
Two things ought to be the object of our fear, the envy of our friends and the hatred of our enemies.
They made a brave show of their mourning, their hatred unvoiced.
Our nation is at war, against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred.
Our hatred of other nations diminishes, but patriotism dies with it.
Instead, they vented their hatred of dogmatism and intolerance in personalities so insolent as to become in themselves intolerant.
Although for years she had hated her husband, her hatred had always before been a quite impersonal thing.
There's no question that each of those figures changed the lives of millions and evoked responses from worship through hatred.
Orchestrate hatred and fear, and humans make genocide.
It is sowing the seeds of distrust and hatred and the desire for retribution on the part of our perceived enemies.
They see that war is a state of almost pure sin with its goals of hatred and destruction.
It did encourage kindness and affection, but it simultaneously encouraged cruelty and hatred.
On both sides the hearts were then filled by hatred and incomprehension.
The implication is clear: they must be guilty of self-hatred, if not treason.
With that leadership comes the inevitable price of hatred.
The same graceless sarcasm, the same impersonal and self-righteous hatred, is directed against the three of us.
But he had a particular hatred for two other categories of people.
The troops did not instill fear so much as a fighting hatred in the community.
One essential responsibility is to ensure that newspapers and radio and television stations do not incite hatred and violence.
Fourth-Fight hatred and prejudice wherever you find them.
Violent crimes are often marked by hatred or anger, and an incredible disregard for the worth and rights of another human being.
Yet the whole area suffered from long-established prejudices and hatred between groups and individuals.
In a sense, many people's laziness outweighs their hatred for ads.
Now, we're on to the searing and increasing hatred phase.
She treats speech rights as immoral when they involve expressions of hatred.
Still, manipulating hatred and aggressive tendencies is not without its risks.
We are united in our hatred of war and our abhorrence of violence.
The moment the once-upon-a-time lover catches a glimpse of his own hatred, something precious and fragile is shattered.
Here's a method best used for clients who harbor a secret, burning hatred for you.

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