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Example sentences for hatchet

Give the hatchet a good wash first, then set the pumpkin on a safe surface and chop as you would a length of wood.
The piece was a hatchet job, designed to inspire the uniformed.
Occupant reappears with a hatchet and pounds on the brick wall.
Throw not the hatchet at the lord, he will turn the sharp edge against thee.
The sagamore took his opportunity, and having a little hatchet under his garment, therewith knocked him in the head.
There were two long gashes to the head, both of which penetrated the brain, made by a hatchet.
With a series of loud bangs, he used the hatchet to sunder the shells into pieces the size of ashtrays.
But the government, desperate to redeem a misguided promise, seems to be reaching for a hatchet instead of a scalpel.
Stories about preachers usually come in two types: hagiographies and hatchet jobs.
It is not often that one observes the birth of a neo-con hatchet job.
Seems he planned this interview as a chance to bury the hatchet.
We don't wish you to take up the hatchet against the king's troops.
The bark is gathered in the spring and summer with a hatchet.
Using a hatchet, make a cut through the bark encircling the base of the tree, approximately six inches above the ground.
Using the hammer results in a neater cut, with less bone splintering, than swinging the hatchet.

Famous quotes containing the word hatchet

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