hatchery in a sentence

Example sentences for hatchery

It's due to a quality-control problem in the troll hatchery.
Here's how they did it: the researchers took some fertilized eggs from a local hatchery and incubated them in a soundproof room.
It would require some engineering to incorporate such a system into a hatchery.
View kiwi conservation up close in the nocturnal house and at the hatchery.
The hatchery has a fish ladder that the salmon go through to get to their final destination.
But there is also a dolphin research center and a turtle hatchery.
Volunteers aid in building hatcheries, monitor the nests in the hatchery, patrol the beach and collect the eggs in the beach.
The river is a premier trout fishing site, and a trout hatchery is open to the public.
Launch a boat from one of two ramps at the park or visit the park's fish hatchery.
The chicks came as two-day-old orphans from the hatchery.
These are the bugs that chicks would normally receive from their mothers but that hatchery-born chicks lack.
Far away from visions of languid soups, these churning environments are the current best guess for the site of life's hatchery.
We re raising some money in our restaurants to try and build a hatchery.
And often as not, home life has been a hatchery of unhappiness.
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