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Example sentences for hastily

When slowed down with a high-speed camera, you can see a ring hurtling towards the hastily constructed houses.
They had one goal in mind: preserve the hastily disappearing past of this great city for the education of future generations.
Their weapons are a mishmash of hastily acquired arms, which few of them know how to use.
Most academics don't present hastily written papers.
At the same time, she has thrown her opponents off balance, as they now hastily prepare for an early election.
Lunch is an often neglected meal of the day: sometimes skipped, many times hastily consumed, lunch is often over before it begins.
The officer took my driver's license, stepped away from the car to write up the ticket-then hastily returned.
Plywood on the windows, staff peering out through openings in the curtains hastily installed a few minutes ago.
Government archaeologists hastily excavated the site and removed the objects.
They will give food to think over, and must not be read too hastily.
He is hastily politicising policing by introducing elected commissioners, when more elected mayors would be a better idea.
It nonetheless hastily convened a mercy commission, which commuted the sentence to life imprisonment.
More images followed, including a hastily constructed mosaic showing a broad aerial panorama.
He defends the relief effort, which has seen camps hastily prepared for the displaced.
All over the world, exchanges are hastily forming alliances and discussing others, paving the way for mergers.
Federal legislation banning fees for first degrees was hastily rushed through.
The attempt to begin work hastily meant that both good and bad projects have moved forward.
Many defied warnings in their rush to discover if the winds and rains had left their signatures on hastily abandoned homes.
Government had scope to be more patient then go hastily to evict her.
The hastily erected tents have been replaced by more permanent structures.
Historians knew from public records that authorities hastily buried the dead to prevent an epidemic, but they didn't know where.
The plan's vagueness reflects how hastily it was put together.
He hurried to the place which everyone else was hastily leaving, steering his course straight for the danger zone.
These are being hastily gathered by schoolboys and equally excited foreign correspondents.
Some are white elephants, constructed hastily with little attention to programming or economic viability.
As the film accelerates toward its conclusion, the strands of its clever plot are too hastily and perfunctorily resolved.
Bodies were arrayed in long rows in hastily dug trenches.
Television comedies were hastily rewritten to scrub out profanity and undue frivolity.
Because the meeting was hastily scheduled, many attended via conference call.
Moving quickly or hastily can result in crushed animals and possible injuries to yourself.
Programs that recruit mentors hastily are doomed to failure.
Now is not the time to hastily duplicate programs that have proven ineffective in creating jobs or stimulating recovery.
The portrait appears to be a hastily done sketch re-worked sometime after the initial sitting.
Don't make any payment hastily, especially for merchandise or services you haven't received.

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