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But the cold-war stakes involved mean there is little that they can do by themselves to hasten the day.
Better to encourage co-operation, the trio argued, than to hasten confrontation.
The pursuit of a metal linked to immortality only serves to hasten the miners' own mortality.
One where it no longer acts to slow global warming, but to hasten it.
To instigate some chaos in order to hasten the return.
Their movement is almost as distinctive as their call: hasten and pause, hasten and pause.
There is a chance that this will hasten change that is going on anyway.
But the curtailment of commercial fishing owing to fears over contaminated seafood may hasten the recovery of exploited species.
Poetry is a slow distillation, it is a brew from the still of one's soul, and it is fatal to hasten so intimate a process.
The findings could hasten the development of reliable diagnostic tests for the disorder.
The current trial could do its bit to hasten that process.
It is more likely human intervention will hasten or even cause the extinction of these animals.
The processes that drive ballast-tank corrosion hasten the familiar action of oxidation.
They were voting to hasten the end of the military dictatorship, not to express support for it.
Attempts to shore it up by pushing interest rates even higher would merely hasten the end.
There are, in theory, many ways to hasten recovery after a crisis.
But the main concern of the coalition was to hasten a resolution to the conflict and avoid a stalemate.
Unfortunately, our government and debt are only getting larger by the day, which will only hasten the process.
Failing to tax those who can afford it hasten that process of decay.
Anyone interested in the growth of cinema as a viable art should hasten to see this film.
Hasten your reply before the fire of war is kindled.
These volunteers can hasten their own executions by several years.
But a second cause was at work to increase this exhaustion and to hasten the decadence of an art that had lost its freshness.
They remained too long, and he went alone to hasten them.
Technology transfer can hasten sound economic development worldwide.
But it can only hasten the approach of a color-blind society.
The team hasten to emphasize the safety procedures that must be used during such an experiment.
And unless the editors and executives at our top papers begin to take note, they will hasten their own demise.
In reality, there's no evidence to suggest that creating an estate plan will hasten your demise.
Independent autopsies can hasten the processing of toxicology results.
Optimists had hoped that this might help open the country and hasten political change.
To do so would be to hasten it's demise and with it's destruction would come the loss of the privileges they enjoy.
Surely one can run enough inflation to hasten deleveraging and then pull back once it's no longer needed.
With sound dramatic instinct they have not sought to hasten the inevitable, or stave it off.

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