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Example sentences for harshly

True, surveillance remains widespread, and outspoken dissidents are punished harshly.
Hyacinth macaws screamed harshly as they flew across the river.
The environment for generating ideas can be constructively critical, but it must not be harshly or destructively so.
It has also led to criticism of a legal system seen to treat private citizens far more harshly than errant officials.
The firm has little to gain by protesting that it has been treated harshly, as it has been in both cases.
Their mandate is to produce higher risk-adjusted returns, and this is where private-equity firms should be judged more harshly.
It had to be dealt with swiftly and harshly, but you can also overdo things.
We need to stop judging one another so harshly on surface issues.
Still, she was disinclined to judge herself too harshly.
Harshly lit patches straddled pockets of deep shade.
Years ago these practices were the norm for organized crime and they were dealt with harshly.
Leaves are harshly bristly above, sometimes with densely interwoven hairs.
Giggling adolescents should not be treated more harshly than loud-speaking adults.
Tracking and ability grouping are common practices that are often harshly criticized.
Set limits on their behavior and discipline them calmly, not harshly.
Experts also rated performers more harshly, suggesting the application of more professional standards.

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