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Example sentences for harried

It is a far cry from the harried exit instructions given during a typical hospital discharge.
Certainly not harried interview committee members who barely remember who you are.
The guests complained, and the hosts looked harried.
Living at the edge of such a lake-if only for a few days-does good things for the harried city soul.
Harried applicants may object that some of my suggestions require extra time and effort.
Harried seniors facing deadlines on theses often take a gut to lighten an otherwise oppressive course load.
Harried nurses barked orders for the pharmacy to send more drugs.
My advisors often seemed harried and preoccupied anyway.
Certainly not harried interview-committee members who barely remember who you are.
Far better to act perpetually harried and to speak exclusively of one's research.
The service can be harried and the plates mismatched, but the prices are reasonable and the payoff substantial.
But the opposition was constantly harried by the police, who often found reasons to ban heralded rallies.
Today's harried hub-and-spoke system may soon seem calm in comparison.
She had had a harried life from sixteen on, and her education had stopped sharply with her leisure.
At last, looking harried, it reaches the water's edge.
For instance, a harried doctor misdiagnoses a patient because he cannot spend more than five minutes examining her.
Improved self-control can help diminish stress, an important skill for harried parents.
Harried staffers in blue suits and crew cuts shoved against the big wooden door panels, to no avail.
Certainly not harried interview-committee members, who barely remember who you are.
For others, summer can be even more harried, as the fast pace of summer teaching can make entire months disappear in a blur.
Museums, private collectors, and harried mothers patronize the shop.
Unleash some incivility on that harried bureaucrat and you might find your reasonable request obstructed.
The cooking is basic, service harried and conversation difficult above the clatter of cutlery.
Rather than miss his train, a harried commuter rolls under a stopped train to catch another one on an adjacent track.
The results feel a little harried, as if the focus issues were never really solved.
She has been a serial killer, a crusading miner and a harried police detective.
To top it off, city residents may seem harried and disinclined to welcome direction requests from visitors.
However, physicians usually fail to address lifestyle behaviors in the context of the harried patient visit.
The pilot appears harried, fatigued, or stressed before a flight.
It can mean a harried drive home during rush hour traffic or the promise of a weekend of skiing.
Seniors will ask important, detailed questions that these harried individuals will not have the time to answer.
The nurse on duty was harried because he was caring for six patients instead of the usual four.
First, because these types of meetings take time away from scheduled activities, they often are hurried and harried.

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