harping in a sentence

Example sentences for harping

The posters harping on defense are gone from the practice court.
The investment is quite large for my budget hence my anxiety and harping on all the little details.
It is frustrating to hear people harping about the need for more training and better education.
The newspapers kept harping on my insanity and paralyzed my efforts.
People keep harping on both candidates on their experience or lack thereof.
The hauling configuration causes reduced moments in the girder creating the potential for overstress between the harping points.
The only friction loss possible in a pretensioned member is at hold-down devices for draping or harping tendons.
His constant harping suggests there were continuing inaccuracies.
And so, my concern is not the harping behind it as far as creating a safe environment or safe city.
Because people will be harping not from a sledgehammer perspective but from a need perspective.
Please don't keep harping on how it has to be paid for.

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