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He has earned more money in harness racing purses than any other driver and he is a premier figure in the sport.
They've finally figured out a way to harness the energy of children.
Suddenly everyone wants to harness the power of consumers.
Small photovoltaic panels harness the sun's power for individual tasks on a global scale.
Such computers would harness the physical properties of quantum bits, or qubits, to expand the reach of computation.
They also practiced mountaineering skills such as how to rope up in a harness to climb a glacier-and how to fall down one.
If only mankind could harness that energy, rather than being at its mercy.
And as long as the wind blows, people will harness it to power their lives.
Most projects that harness human processing power rely on a different motivator: money.
When the walls need maintenance, someone may have to get into a harness and climb up.
Now if they could do the opposite and harness the electromagnetic energy of a solar storm as a power source, that would be cool.
The cell evolved and over time discovered a way to harness enormous amounts of energy from bacteria.
The pump requires an electric cable, called a driveline, that runs through the abdominal wall to a battery pack in a harness.
Wind turbines, also called windmills, harness the power of the wind to produce electricity.
Many people are working to harness renewable energy sources more effectively and to enhance energy efficiency.
They've talked about planet hacking and screwing with enemy climates, and they still want to harness the power of lightning.
Previous attempts to harness wave power have involved large and complex structures.
They harness the river's widely varying flows to generate a steady water supply.
Now, if a decent candidate found a way to harness such power, that would be a presidential campaign with a difference.
It is thus able to more effectively harness hydrogen's power.
Companies that can harness big data will trample data-incompetents.
Solar panels harness the power of the sun to produce electricity without releasing harmful emissions into the environment.
We need solar panels that harness heat instead of only light.
Join executives from leading corporations to discuss how to harness big data for individual, corporate, and social good.
Placing turbines in tidal streams is complex, because the machines are large and disrupt the tide they are trying to harness.
But that ignores his ability to harness public opinion for the cause.
Outdoors, you can harness the seasonal abundance of solar energy to benefit your household year-round.
Electro accretion would be a low cost, simple way to build pipes into the sea which could be used to harness the sea's energy.
To climb down safely, each climber wears a harness around his or her legs and waist.
So until fusion becomes a viable way to harness nuclear energy, there will always be skeptics to nuclear energy.
First, you must install solar collectors on your roof to harness the sun's heat.
Governments may need to harness the tax and benefit system to compensate some workers who lose from globalisation.
Successful innovation requires academia, government and industry to work in harness.
The only way he can achieve this goal is to harness the energies and values of both parties.
She might also have some interesting ideas for how the campaign can better harness technology.
Some researchers have focused on designing precisely engineered materials that can trap light to harness its quantum properties.
But they have been unable to manipulate spin well enough to harness it within semiconductor-based devices.
They harness steam from hot water to spin turbines and create electricity.
Interviewers never quite understood how the two were kept in harness.
Explore where they are found, how they begin, and how it may be possible to harness and use the power they produce.
Some people may be hyperactive, but perhaps they can harness this for something useful.
What exactly that means is not clear, except that they are trying to harness public opinion to serve their own particular agenda.
In order to harness this energy, a controlled chain reaction is required for fission to take place.
It does indeed, harness the power of the placebo effect, but it is effective.
Yet technology executives insist they must harness the system lest they be crushed by it.
Bouldering keeps you close to the ground, so you don't need the protection of harness and rope.
Care should be taken to ensure that the dog couldn't slip out of the collar or harness being used.
The easy bit will be to harness that sense of urgency to produce concerted interest-rate cuts and government spending.
Involve appropriate technology experts to harness the power of the right tools.
To harness energy from flowing water, the water must be controlled.
These plants harness the energy of flowing water to produce electricity.
The governments of poor nations must harness such technology.
Before the harness, walks were a bit of a nightmare, as the puppy was perfectly content to pull herself hoarse against her collar.
The technology developed for telescopes, it turns out, can harness solar power.
When she was twenty-two years old her father, who owned a harness repair shop, died suddenly.
The challenge is to harness these changes in ways that improve the experience.
Companies have figured out how to harness exponential increases in computing power better and faster.
The movement is decentralized, and that hinders the type of coordination one needs to harness energies for political action.
Many things work on a theoretical level but are devilishly difficult to harness on a practical level.
But political will and financial incentives have reignited the search for efficient, affordable ways to harness the sun's energy.
First a hoof, then the horse's mane, then its harness.
So my parents got these bars on the window, and they tied me to them with a harness.
In addition, only a much small fraction of sunlight is harness-able, due to hours of day and weather.
The plastic material uses nanotechnology and contains the first solar cells able to harness the sun's invisible, infrared rays.
The idea is to avoid adding more plastic into the environment and instead harness a wasted resource and find smarter uses for it.
The shoulder harness is comfortable and easily adjusted.
He and his group are trying to understand the atomic structure of the material so that they can harness it to make a solar cell.
The idea here is to use harness solar as an energy source for the transportation industry while simultaneously reducing emissions.
Everyone is wearing a harness with two carabiners attached to short straps.
It has declared war on a discredited bureaucracy without acknowledging the need to harness bureaucratic energies to new policies.
Sports lovers can take in a hockey game or a live round of harness racing.
Researchers think that if they can harness stem cells in healing, they can revolutionize medicine.
The transmitter is attached with a leg loop harness and sits on the bird's lower back.
Harness it by asking others to check your blind spots.
Harness this extra energy and get much accomplished quickly.

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