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We have heard a lot recently about the need for consensus, social harmony, and civility.
Whether they will be equal to the composition of a more extensive run of melody, or of complicated harmony, is yet to be proved.
But far from promoting social harmony, the preoccupation with talent had produced social breakdown.
The jungle and the ruins intertwine in beautiful and mysterious harmony.
Without electricity or modern conveniences, they strive to simplify their lifestyle to be in harmony with the land.
Its four members all sing, and its songs bask in harmony.
We should all try to live in harmony with each on in a friendly eco system.
Likeness does not necessarily lead to harmony.
But in the past few weeks, its effort to achieve unity on foreign policy has sounded more like cacophony than harmony.
Fantasy strives for harmony, restoration, and balance.
There is a harmony here that strikes up echoes in the heart.
It is too soon to presume that harmony will prevail.
The sheer coloristic harmony makes the composition sing.
But elephants could probably be good roll models on how to live together in harmony.
But creating that kind of faculty-administration harmony is easier said than done.
When this harmony breaks down, people often develop contradictory beliefs.
Although there are many instruments playing melody and harmony, our brains arrange it into a simple, pleasing form.
The field didn't create disorder-it increased harmony.
World will be a lot peaceful place to live in harmony.
It evolved and each and everything took the best possible shape to support each other and work in perfect harmony.
Visitors may be rewarded with the opportunity to observe a way of life that is in harmony with nature.
There is in the lean of the horse and the lean of the soldier a unity of action and a harmony of purpose.
Steady, controlled, in harmony with your heartbeat and the rhythms of your other organs.
Seasonal and year-round residents appear to live in relative harmony.
He was ahead of his time, actively working to forge harmony between mankind and nature.
It's a question of harmony and the placement of features.
The chorus traditionally included two singers, sometimes with one singing in harmony an octave higher.
The singers perform in harmony, with up to five parts.
Imagine an e-Harmony for freelancers and companies searching for a connection.
Noble gentlemen seek harmony but aren't afraid of diversity.
We gnashed our teeth in harmony and made ugly faces.
They function in a ratio, a relationship that produces harmony and results in delicious food.
The tendency of all animals is to try to get calories-in and calories-out to move in harmony.
Gathering people of different backgrounds and political persuasions together hardly creates harmony.
Mosques, temples, churches and other places of worship co-exist in harmony.
The initial atmosphere was not necessarily conducive to harmony.
Disunity is all the more remarkable in light of the harmony that prevailed after the flawed presidential poll.
Less star power might mean less ego and more harmony.
Also on the agenda was the significance of group harmony, collectivism and courtesy.
The duality as well as harmony presented in this painting is spectacular.
But the tribunal's ruling brought a rare moment of political harmony.
The economy needs to grow if civil harmony is to prevail.
There is a simplicity to the combination of the few ingredients, yet a sapient harmony.
Bread so big-flavored that it interferes with the harmony of the other ingredients would be wrong.
Marinated ribbons of cow stomach are fried in crust that sings harmony to the meat's tang.
The harmony of pork and greens was so good that the concept went up the food status ladder from head to ham.
Yet the channels must act in flawless harmony each time you so much as blink an eye.
And many anthropologists and archaeologists still see prehistoric peoples as peaceful groups living in harmony with nature.
When you observe the natural world you find extreme complexity, yet harmony.
Now where they move or place in perfect harmony totally possible.
The current idea of a global village as a place of universal harmony and industrious basket-weaving is a tourist's fantasy.
There is a harmony, when it works, that is really beautiful.
The mix breaks down to reveal some of the original song, a vocal harmony bridge that plays almost unaccompanied.
Tell her, such different notes make all thy harmony.
Then the movement changed, and fuller, mightier harmony swelled away.
In his acoustic translation, harmony represents good health, and discord indicates disease.
In healthy cells, the notes form music in harmony, indicating a healthy state.
Good commentary and wonderful points in the name of peace and harmony.
Perhaps it would prefer to stay at home and live in harmony with nature.
In her newly healed state she stands under the southern night sky harkening to the harmony of the spheres.
It is not a club or a fellowship to promote harmony and civility, important as those values are.
Pins were placed carefully at various points of my body to get all my organs to function in harmony.
As noted earlier, indirect communication owes much to the importance many cultures place on preserving harmony and saving face.
Almost instantly, their hot-tempered cackling slides into sweet four-part harmony.
Anything you begin now will have a timeless quality and an enhanced sense of harmony.
Research shows that emotional support for caregivers is critical to their well-being and to family harmony.
At the end of the day, experts agree that there are many different types of clutter, and they all rob us of peace and harmony.
Harmony is a kind of optimism, expressed in the belief that several voices can do a job better than one.

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