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Example sentences for harmonize

Make sure they grow shorter than the anchor plant, share its cultural requirements, and harmonize with its colors and textures.
The wall colors are designed to harmonize with one another.
Watching those close to your heart perform in stressful situations can harmonize both of your heart rates, a new study says.
Some songbird couples harmonize to warn rival couples away from their territories.
If you harmonize in the chat then maybe meeting is a good idea.
Of course even centralization doesn't harmonize the dialect if the culture is strong enough.
National and regional regulators around the world do the same, and some harmonize such efforts to avoid cross-border conflicts.
When you spend your money, you take your money from the throats of your children to harmonize with the law.
Throw a frame around almost anything, and the elements within try to harmonize.
How well they harmonize with the up-swelling rocks beneath them.
He could neither write down nor harmonize his songs--he could barely even sing them.
The gradual annihilation of distance will put human beings in closer contact and harmonize their views and aspirations.
To attempt to harmonize them in an impossible unity is only to confirm them in their several peculiarities.
It is not easy to harmonize this fact with our psychological views.
Otherwise, your supreme government cannot harmonize with its executory system.
He can sing on key, harmonize on key, and hear musical intervals well enough to reproduce them.
They're merely recommendations intended to harmonize national laws across the continent.
Governments are already protesting the attempt to harmonize taxes.
Remarkably, it manages to harmonize with its surroundings in one of the poorest countries in the world.
Both are energy-efficient and water-saving, and were constructed with locally-sourced materials to harmonize with the environment.
They greet each other, trade phrases and solos, they harmonize.
The melodies harmonize with the swaying palms, the rippling water and the blue skies.
Each set of the following house and trim colors are in the same spectrum of color, so they will harmonize.

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