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Example sentences for harmoniously

And still others are pioneering new ways of thinking about how to live more harmoniously with nature.
People and tigers have never coexisted harmoniously.
They are working together for the first time in history, not always harmoniously but continuously.
It is with rare exception that the two camps have harmoniously co-existed.
Must also possess leadership and supervisory ability and a willingness to work harmoniously with and supervise other personnel.
Often, there are designs or enhancements that will allow the project to fit more harmoniously into the existing community.
Others have argued that labor and capital share mutual goals and can learn to work together harmoniously.
University related uses and facilities fit harmoniously within the neighborhood and enhance community character.
Must be customer focused with the ability to work harmoniously with staff and the public.
Residential, agricultural and commercial life coexist harmoniously in the township.
The intent will be to determine if the two programs work harmoniously together.
Another example of how wet areas may harmoniously serve two or more purposes is in rice production.

Famous quotes containing the word harmoniously

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They made on me the impression, not of many individuals, but of one vast centipede of a man, good for all sorts of pulli... more
He had not failed to observe how harmoniously gigantic language and a microscopic topic go together.... more
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