hards in a sentence

Example sentences for hards

Dinosaur die-hards will also be able to pick out a few mistakes.
As for the vaccine die-hards, they're right about the dangers of vaccines but wrong about the link to autism.
The fact that each outfit has a lineup strikingly different from the one that made it famous is strictly a quibble for die-hards.
The role of genes in sensitive areas such as intelligence is acknowledged by all but a few die-hards.
Not much night-time observing though a few die-hards on the group had fun trying.
Well, although bikes have been scared off the streets a lot by scooters and cars, there are some die hards.
For the die-hards out there, here's some of the text.
Day camps draw many kids, but it's the residential camps that attracts the true die-hards.
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