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Example sentences for hardness

There is some mistake about the hardness of the times.
Diamonds are forever, and so is their extreme hardness.
Hallways and small rooms bounce light around, which can counter the hardness of the flash.
May your kindness inspire those silenced by greed and hardness of heart to speak the truth.
Bamboo flooring is durable and exhibits a hardness similar to hardwood flooring materials, such as oak.
That's going from the hardness of a pencil eraser to the hardness of a car tire.
Indeed, until now, no developer has got so far as to worry about the hardness of the rock.
He forms sentences, follows novel instructions, and crafts stone tools-altering his technique depending on a stone's hardness.
Beneath the hardness of the crust lies the hollowness of a million cells.
But once in the brain, that hardness is a disadvantage.
But she also remembers war and famine and the hardness of life.
But once in a while, in a strange town, the shell of deliberate hardness is broken through.
Given the size of the space and the hardness of the surfaces, surprisingly conversational.
The hardness of texture in the locale reflects the fiber of the people involved.
Only the hardness of the stone enables such elaborate workmanship.
The sheer hardness of life, the implausibility of any full liberation, emerges as a dominant theme.
The thought of him and his hardness cut at the red stone in me from sun-up to sundown.
Because hand-made gold pens are unequal in hardness and spring and temper.
At the dinner party, he defends its hardness and recommends it toasted, with butter and garlic.
Her hair, streaked grey, was pulled back from her face and gave it a certain hardness of emphasis.
His connections are concerned over the hardness of the turf course.
So does the material's hardness, and especially its surface condition.
It even has the professional hardness of red-carpet paparazzi.
There is no hardness, either, to the way he holds himself and speaks.
All durum makes firmer cooked pasta than common flour does, but not all durum is alike in hardness or quality.

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