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The sort of thing that used to happen only in fiction can hardly compare to what's in the news today.
But his ambitions could hardly be realized by a nation at war with itself.
The threat to his life's work could hardly have come at a worse moment.
My point is that common naming traditions are hardly inaccurate.
The caging they were being housed in was adequate but hardly engaging.
Here and there, a dead bat lies on the ground, the bodies hardly more substantial than dried leaves.
Since no one owns property, no one pays property taxes, and the parking situation could hardly be improved.
Computers are hardly the only electronic hardware hounded by obsolescence.
Head down, hunched over, hardly seeing where he's going.
But then, as results showed, their counterparts in other countries were hardly star students.
In the developed world cataracts hardly ever cause blindness, and mostly elderly people are affected.
Still, nudibranchs have hardly given up all their secrets.
Of course, the famous pair were hardly the first animal astronauts.
The tracks of a little bird are seen in a dried-out river basin, where you could hardly imagine a form of life.
In spite of their new status and the architectural homage in the capital, their lot has hardly improved.
But when a movie does the same thing, the imagination is short-circuited, and there is hardly time for reflection.
But there is so much real lyricism, precisely pointed color and even innocence about it that one hardly minds.
He begins with a definition of culture which hardly anyone could refuse to accept.
Likewise our knowledge of the connections between the subdural and subarachnoid spaces is hardly definite.
These necessary fundamentals of style are hardly felt by the artist to constrain his individuality of expression.
The company that essentially created the netbook phenomenon has hardly been one to rest on its laurels.
The city has aboveground rail lines and a vestigial subway system, but hardly anyone rides them.
That's a bit better than the broad market, but hardly a safe haven.
Hitting for the cycle is becoming so common, people hardly even notice.
While that's hardly unusual in academe, what is unusual is that it was my fourth attempt.
The reference to narrow scholarship that stays in libraries can hardly be generalized to broader cultural understanding.
That's too bad, but hardly a reason for judging the department as incompetent.
He was hardly alone in reviling them for undermining the beauty and purity of the silent film.
Under the leadership of the same prez who is hardly ever around even for undergrads.
In many instances, hardly anyone will see the information, and it won't be disclosed to the public.
As for apes, they would hardly make headlines any more if they were found to be adept at composing limericks.
But this hardly warranted such a sudden move on the eve of a new school year.
The idea that economic power is shifting from the old rich world to emerging economies is hardly new, but it is taking a new form.
The typical book is hardly an object worth the trouble of carrying it around.
Migrants who fled oppressive governments, for example, can hardly be expected to bankroll the regimes that drove them away.
In the private sector things could hardly be more different.
The cause of the change in sentiment is hardly a mystery.
The positioning could hardly have been more prominent.
In truth, water is hardly ever a catalyst in ordinary conditions.
But the cash-strapped government is hardly in a position to make any concessions to special interests.
The cloning of trees by grafting a cutting onto a living root is hardly modern science.
The fast growth in deposits is hardly a sign of a genuine need for funds.
Hardly any of these are seen as experienced managers, let alone competent ones.
In fact, economic progress hardly ever succeeds in making some people better off, without also making someone else worse off.
It hardly comes as a surprise that she decided to switch from chemistry to the study of animal communication.
The resulting arrangement, though hardly invisible, is reasonably elegant.
The lack of activation of this social cognition area is really odd, because it hardly ever happens.
There are hardly any of these vehicles sitting on dealer lots that aren't demonstration vehicles.
Pharmaceutical corporations, once fearful of drug pirates, can hardly wait to move in.
In fact, there was hardly any geography at all in those days.
Let me tell you how painful it is to have them stuck in your legs so you can hardly walk.
Thirty subjects is hardly enough to be representative of the general population.
And imposing another schedule on them calling it healthy is hardly going to be healthier.
In terms of walking mechanics, it would hardly require a study to prove that a heel landing is more efficient.
There are numerous scientists who fit that bill but hardly any political leaders.
Salvia is hardly a sensible choice as it is too intense and it is too short to gain any insight into anything.
But that's hardly the whole story behind the millions of tiny differences among people.
Secondly, as current science news this story about laughter releasing endorphins hardly seems newsworthy.
The suggestion provided in this article is, in my opinion, hardly adequate.
Of course, silane is hardly the only environmental hazard involved in solar cell production.
In particular they hardly ever had people come in to their house for social reasons, they were basically excluded.
Of course, this summer was hardly the first season during which politicians and celebrities have flubbed at science.
The fact that some of it was lost at sea, and has been found and salvaged can hardly be defined as piracy.
So more human meddling with the climate to move a hurricane is hardly going to be helpful.
It seems, in short, as if the large audience that still exists for quality fiction hardly notices poetry.
The removal of the maps was hardly an isolated incident.
We have hardly begun to consider how to go about it.
When she recognized me, she could hardly hide her surprise at my shabby appearance.
It is hardly an evasion to describe this as an agreement to be negotiated, rather than a simple pledge.
It's right there at the top of every article, and hardly anybody looks at it.
Long-distance communication between lovers is hardly new.
Hardly enough to power up the electronics for a millisecond.
Although you raise a good point, debating semantics is hardly a constructive activity.
Hardly believing what he was doing, he pushed the needle in-it was effortless-and slowly injected the contents.
Therefore, hardly any emulators exists in a final version that perfectly emulates all games for a system.
Thorium hardly gets a mention as a safer option, there is more thorium around than uranium.
We as a species can hardly claim to even understand our own planet, let alone the universe.
His place in the curriculum is established, but he is hardly popular as a subject of teaching or scholarship.
It is an unconventional but hardly unobservant report.
It's hardly a surprise that the humble is often less successful than the flamboyant.
It's a good present, hardly any rust on the spiral and no water damage to the paper.
Could hardly call her amateur flute-playing a vocation.
There were so many of them, consuming so much food and fuel and water, that they could hardly make a major move across the desert.
While pirates were certainly cruel and violent criminals, pirate ships were hardly the floating tyrannies of popular imagination.
But this phrase hardly describes the underside of the boom- town.
Furthermore, he's hardly the first politician with a tuneful side.
And yet hardly anyone is funding research into the science.
For someone in her business, there could hardly be a bigger stage on which to display these than an entire network.
Third, the super committee's demise was hardly unexpected.
From a scientific perspective, this is hardly damning.
Hardly a day goes by when matrimony, in one context or another, isn't kicked around in headlines.
The problems are understandable, and hardly a state secret.
So his personal and political downfall would hardly seem the springboard for comedy.
But these days even fresh farmed wasabi is hardly ever used by sushi chefs.
But as it turns out, the chimp brain and the human brain differ hardly at all in their genetic underpinnings.
But these days hardly a month goes by without news of a significant discovery.
Sort of an entertaining list, but hardly any of them have anything to do with science.
Android phones, for instance, hardly ever get security updates.
He'll show hardly a blip of a rise in blood pressure at the frustration.
She found many juveniles, a smaller number of adult females, and hardly any males.
These were hardly people whose mate choice was limited by the distance they could walk on their day off.
And a dead ladybird is hardly any use as a protector.
Metabolism that doesn't use oxygen is hardly new to human knowledge.
It's probably no coincidence that scientists have found practically hardly any fossils of chimps or gorillas.
Its failures were hardly a secret but it was important that they not be visible.
It is mostly a matter of tone: it is hardly possible to give credence to ideas uttered in the impersonal tones of sanity.
At the time, such an appellation was hardly far-fetched.
Hardly a day goes by without news of some further disaster wreaked by the freezing up of credit.
In every other respect they could hardly be more different.
Yet spin aside, these efforts hardly can be deemed successful.
His dual status as a courtier would hardly have been a disqualification.
As the drawing appropriately shows, his absence hardly matters, since the traffic is not moving at all.
Your characters had to come alive, but since you didn't stay with them, you hardly needed a second note.
She is almost always extraordinarily sharp, but she is hardly ever funny.
To the people who actually experienced both tyrannies, such definitions hardly mattered.
The doctors had hardly touched her, only briefly placing their hands on her swollen abdomen to gauge its tension.
There can hardly be a better time to make the case for economic and financial literacy than right now.
Personnel reshuffling could hardly retrieve the intricate situation, which is again entangled with an unfree political system.
Constructing a tiny pie for your toaster is hardly a new idea.
The number of people who would agree with you is hardly a determinant of the truth about education.
Hardly a controversial touch, one would have thought.
It is hardly shocking that teenagers at a sleepover party would engage in raunchy behavior.
It's easier to shake off because, after all, that's hardly the real you up there on that site.
First, of course, there's hardly any certainty that the dollar will keep falling.

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