hardheaded in a sentence

Example sentences for hardheaded

In his hardheaded view, barbarian invasions cleaned up stagnant and oppressive regimes.
They have to look out for each others' best interest even if there is a hardheaded leader in the way.
The reform environment they find themselves in is both softhearted and hardheaded.
But the speed of modernization in the past century may have carried away even the hardheaded forecasters amongst us.
Such points have been made before, but rarely by such hardheaded members of the academic establishment.
They raise no doubt, however, about the hardheaded approach to knowledge taken by the government officials present.
Complex stories call for journalists who are both hardheaded and clear thinking.
Decisions about going to war are, in the end, hardheaded ones.
If the movie eventually turns to mush, its hardheaded performances tug against the sentimentality.
The test is whether a hardheaded businessman would have incurred the expense for his or her own business.
The simple hardheaded principle that is at the heart of value investing: the need to cut through market prices to reality.
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