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The major signs of scleroderma are hardening and thickening of the skin in any areas on the fingers and toes.
It's as if our system is getting hardening of the arteries.
It comes at a time when views are slowly hardening against the current unreliable and expensive system.
The old shell is an excellent source of minerals, so the lobster eats some of it to quicken the hardening of the new one.
It causes lots of scar formation in the arteries, hardening them.
The fact that fats in dairy products can contribute to hardening of the arteries and heart disease has long been common knowledge.
The laser first scans a solid circular region on the surface of the liquid, hardening it into a disk--the base of the cup.
And there it will stay, hardening into a cast of the pulmonary circulation.
Other noted symptoms are hardening of internal organs, muscle pain, fatigue and skin lesions.
Not quite time yet for the hardening of a new orthodoxy.
But as well as hardening soldiers, wars expose military weaknesses.
But they have made little headway, and there are concerns that positions on both sides are hardening.
Premium rates were hardening across a wide range of policies even before the attacks.
The discovery adds to a debate over the origins of insect exoskeletons, hinting at legs hardening before the body of ancient bugs.
Get cold frames ready for seeding or hardening off of transplants started indoors.
What kills more human beings than anything is hardening of the arteries.
The strain hardening behavior of bcc metals with kink pair mechanism is found to be different from that of fcc metals.
After hardening is completed, the fertilized eggs are placed in jars that serve as incubators.
Following this, the hardening process will ensure that all appropriate security features are activated and configured correctly.
The week has brought a slowly hardening tone in the wheat market, although the actual advance in prices has been small.
These blockages may occur due to hardening of the arteries in the eye.
People everywhere seem to be hardening their hearts toward terrorism.

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