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The hike into a several-hundred-year-old tunnel of hardened lava gives you an inside glimpse of a volcano's power.
What were once fluid and negotiable guidelines are hardened into a set of practices without any real reason behind them.
To hardened backpackers, this sort of well-trod vibe is sometimes considered a liability.
The fluid mysteriously hardened my skin, turning it a mahogany color for a few days.
Each monastery maintains a workshop where its own artists shape the cold-hardened butter.
These eruptions begin under water, when hot magma is cooled and hardened by the ocean.
When the lava cooled, it hardened into igneous rock.
It could imply that arthropods developed hardened limbs before hardened bodies, say the researchers.
However that depends on the electronic and other systems being hardened against such radiation levels as well.
Many of them have half-hardened wings as well, the origin of the name for the group.
To be marked by several tattoos for this reason put you on par with hardened criminals.
The molded, hardened polymer is then spin-coated with a biocompatible dextran glue.
The things they're doing make hardened intelligence folks question the legality of it.
They were too horrible and obscene even for hardened veterans.
Turn the heat off, and whisk until any hardened pieces of caramel dissolve.
The longer these things wear on, the more hardened opinion gets.
Hardened migrant laborers who really need the work are frequently revolted by the slaughtering process.
Nor is he a cynic in the sense of being meanly hardened.
If the shell of an egg has hardened because of age, doctors can hatch it in the lab and then implant it on the uterine wall.
When deprived of nutrients, these bacteria form spores, hardened nuggets that protect each cell's vital components.
Perhaps this will result more apartments buildings and homes with hardened shelters.
Sometimes the interiors of the holes were filled with sediment that had hardened into long, tube-shaped casts.
One technique relies on layering materials with alternating hardened structural layers and soft repair layers.
Later in the evolution of tetrapods, that hinge hardened, making the skull stiffer.
Even to me, a case-hardened veteran of other people's affliction, the exposed sight was harrowing.
Over time, the delta hardened into sedimentary rock.
Even if the majority of hardened killers are hopeless cases, to claim that there is never a chance of reform is clearly nonsense.
No doubt he was hardened by his previous extensive experience of reporting guerrilla warfare in various continents.
Staggering levels of unemployment and poverty have further hardened these tough people.
Positions hardened on both sides as the cold war came to the subcontinent.
When fat has risen and hardened slightly, skim it off top.
They were hardened to the scorching heat and bitter cold of the dry plains and pine-clad mountains.
In hardened specimens the outer zone stains deeply with various dyes, whereas the inner zone stains slightly.
The immediate pressure of necessity has brightened their intellects, enlarged their powers, and hardened their hearts.
The patriarch could not bear such enormous scandals, and tenderly exhorted this hardened sinner to have pity on his own soul.
But malice and an implacable hatred against that nation blinded their understandings and hardened their hearts.
His own misfortunes had taught him to feel for those of others, nor had prosperity hardened his heart.
And then, being hardened, they shew themselves as they are.
Locking up the pickpocket only sets him up to learn worse tricks from hardened thugs.
In such a case the shell was covered by sediment but the actual shell dissolved away after the sediment hardened.
Next, is a tire with a section cut out of it, showing hardened run-flat inserts underneath the rubber.
Even those from the hardened criminal underworld migrate toward the expanding supply of legitimate work.
Spoilt and petted on one side, punished and hardened on the other.
But it is striking that even hardened warriors in the war against sleaze are so gloomy.
As for violence, she hated it-until she became hardened.
Ardent environmentalists and hardened sceptics recycle at the same rate.
The party will in due course unite around a hardened winner whom the primaries have tested along the way.
But two months and thousands of air strikes later, war's messy reality has merely hardened views on both sides.
To the disappointment of hardened punters, depravity was lacking.
Better they return well-adjusted rather than hardened and still addicted.
Supporters of the regime grow more loyal and protesters ever angrier: the less hardened wish it had not come this far.
It was reportedly billions of dollars cheaper than the others, albeit for smaller and less hardened plants.
Though invisible in normal light once it has hardened, this adhesive glows yellow when illuminated by a beam of ultraviolet light.
The group have also used their machine to punch holes in hardened steel, including stainless steel.
Hearts have hardened as living standards have soared.
Once the material has cooled and hardened, it acquires mechanical strength from its composite structure.
He noticed that the goo left behind in a beaker after one of his experiments had hardened into a tough polymer.
Opposition to nuclear energy has, if anything, hardened of late.
Even hardened government partisans were beguiled by his candidacy.
Satellite cases are being hardened to prevent circuitry from being fried by microwaves or other electronic weaponry.
The outer part of a channel hardened and cooled even as the interior lava continued to flow.
The workers also describe the use of a solvent to soften rubber that had hardened from age so it could be used.
When the hot lava met the cold water it cooled and hardened, creating the spiky headlands and narrow bays seen today.
Residual stress measurements in a case hardened steel ring.
In nature, the mud would have hardened into rock around the shell.
Copper cannot be hardened by any method of heat treating.
Precautions shall be taken to prevent ignition of highly flammable hardened preservative coatings.
Effect of second-generation high range water-reducers on durability and other properties of hardened concrete.
Such coatings, if porous, may act as reservoirs of water that cause weak zones of high capillarity in the hardened concrete.
As the grease hardened, friction increased in the metal-to-metal contact areas.
Frost hardened on my windowpanes, blotting out what little light radiated from a dull and distant sun.
Mortared pavers have mortar between the pavers and create a hardened nonflexible surface.
It makes everyone even madder and sends them scurrying away with a hardened heart.

Famous quotes containing the word hardened

A people who are still, as it were, but in the gristle, and not yet hardened into the bone of manhood.... more
It is not only the prisoners who grow coarse and hardened from corporeal punishment, but those as well who ... more
Manners are the happy way of doing things; each once a stroke of genius or of love—now repeated and hardenedmore
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