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Example sentences for hardcore

The ugly truth is that the general culture can't handle hardcore culture.
The result is a movie that even hardcore motorcycle fans will find to be as implausible as the plot.
But solid, hardcore and even breathtaking basketball.
Search settings can be tweaked for players seeking more social or hardcore experiences, depending on their preferences.
The idea is to take the essence of what they do, and distill it to the hardcore, and work with that.
Indeed, there is something oddly otherworldly about the hardcore soccer fan.
Hardcore skeptics dismiss them as the work of pranksters.
First, the new devices are good enough for sophisticated games, so they have caught the attention even of hardcore gamers.
As for the hardcore militants, the government has a different plan.
In other words, hardcore ideologues about the role of government.
First, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and by both casual and hardcore gamers.
Another factor, not a small one, is that hardcore exercising depends on techniques.
If you are a hardcore coffee connoisseur, you might find the pod choices too limiting.
That's a big bonus for the hardcore geek with lots of extra hardware to support.
Visual arts are not a hardcore, banker suit type of field.
But for hardcore devotees the astringency is well worth it.
He's not a hardcore geek with an industrial engineering degree.
For hardcore players, these games can be so much more than viral marketing.
Even for long-time viewers and hardcore fans, it's kinda confusing.
Some hardcore environmentalists argue that the plan allows gas guzzlers a guilt-free way to keep on polluting, but it's a start.
If you're feeling really hardcore, you could even add a squid tattoo.
But of course it was the hardcore science that got me hooked.
The hardcore hoax conspiracy theorists are too far gone to get them to change their minds.
There were experiments in electronic music, rockabilly, blues and hardcore country.
Even the hardcore jurors admitted they had their doubts.
Check it: sick rhymes and sweet beats meet hardcore science.
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