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The temporary houses, first built over the water in the harbor, soon gave way to more solid structures.
The crazed fortune hunters who created this place left their ships to rot in the harbor on their way to the gold in the hills.
But there usually are reasons that people aren't there: no potable water, inclement weather, lack of a harbor for boats to dock.
On summer evenings when it is very hot, they sail to the farthest point of the harbor and drift while eating dinner.
The wrecked boat was hauled to the harbor early Thursday.
The wholesale and retail company extends on pilings over the harbor.
The city maintains many historical houses from the 18th century and has a lively harbor surrounded by restaurants and galleries.
The dolphin patrols the harbor, escorted by its handler.
Our oceans harbor nearly half of all life on the planet.
The answer will depend on your boat, the harbor, and your own likes or dislikes.
Even if they did not harbor any such fantasies, it is hard to view these photographs without briefly thinking they did.
The boats, which carry passengers only, sail through an estate-lined harbor past manicured green hills.
Such a successful nation does not need to harbor grievances.
Also, regularly clean up and discard fallen fruit, since it might harbor diseases and pests.
We also removed that deck a few years later and even though there is a new one, it doesn't seem to harbor slugs.
They may also harbor a kind of residual deference to the faculty in these matters.
The latest wave of immigrants settling around this famed harbor is bringing with it a particularly tough educational challenge.
Not one of the players is deserving of safe harbor at the expense of others.
The start was made off the club's headquarters fronting on the harbor.
Its harbor is famous as being among the finest in the world.
In thirty-five years the city of less than a hundred thousand came to harbor half a million souls, for whom homes had to be found.
Yet whoever is burdened with fear of this second kind may be expected to harbor other and similar phobias.
Go down to the harbor or the industrial areas in your city.
There are still a couple countries which still harbor the cold war mentality that you either are friend or foe.
Anyway the vessel is way too far from a safe harbor.
It kind of reminds me of a harbor full of sailboats.
The tiny cells in our bodies harbor amazing internal communication networks.
The day-care centers that millions of parents entrust their children to harbor a hidden danger.
Astronomers have long searched for a planet that could harbor life outside our solar system.
One thing is for sure: they probably wouldn't harbor life.
Because of their meticulous upbringing, they harbor none of the microbes that normally give mice their distinctive acrid odor.
Clean energy companies harbor the promise of creating significant wealth, millions of jobs, and energy security for our nation.
Sit inside on stools at the counter, or dine outdoors for a ravishing view of the harbor and mountains.
Its huge harbor was choked with hundreds of rotting ships that couldn't sail home because their crews had fled to the goldfields.
Huge floating rafts of pumice trapped ships at harbor.
Harbor seal pups and adults are smaller than gray seal pups and adults and are therefore easier for the sharks to catch and eat.
Being a marine painter-showing harbor life, particular ships, naval battles-clearly held the deepest claim on him.
People who harbor ulcer-causing bacteria in their stomachs may be protected against some diarrheal diseases, suggests a new study.
The odd, tense monotony of his double life at sea was one thing, but a week in the harbor was another.
Somehow the harbor had drained as abruptly as if someone had pulled a giant plug.
Planet-hunters have yet another tool to use in their quest to discover distant worlds that could harbor life.
The fingertips can offer safe harbor to bacteria for up to an hour, but they are hardly the best hiding places.
Indeed, one of the big surprises to invasion biologists is the large number of alien species that any given ecosystem can harbor.
It was a clear day, and the trade winds coming off the harbor eased the sun's dizzying heat.
He did some freelance coding for a harbor-ferry service.

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