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Forming a support group is as easy as inviting a few friends to lunch or happy hour.
Early happy hour is pretty standard across the board, typically with deep discounts on food and booze.
In the evening, after happy hour, he turned sybarite.
The ads are aimed at younger urban professionals who look forward to other parts of the day besides happy hour.
Eating out and happy hour at the bar can be fun, but take caution.
During happy hour, people come from all over the city to take advantage of the drink specials and lower prices.
Three lunch specials are available, which include the curry of the day, and happy hour takes place at the bar.
The bar has weekday happy hour specials, and the extensive wine and beer list offers imported and domestic choices.
The restaurant is located at the beach and offers daily happy hour specials.
There is a daily happy hour from four to seven in the evening.
The restaurant offers live music on weekends and a daily happy hour.
The restaurant serves lunch, dinner and items such as tapas and sushi at happy hour.
The restaurant also features a lounge, with happy hour held twice each evening.
The family-run restaurant hosts a daily happy hour that includes alcoholic beverage, appetizer and dessert specials.
The full bar offers a wine choice and includes a piano happy hour.
The restaurant also features a full bar with happy hour discounts.
Early bird specials are featured throughout the week, and the restaurant also has a happy hour with half-priced drinks at the bar.
The restaurant has a patio, and a weekday happy hour.
Permit holders who do so may designate this time as happy hour periods.
Happy hour, special events, and live local music on the weekends.
During lunch, the restaurant serves a sumptuous all-you-can-eat buffet and has a happy hour followed by dinner service.

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