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The film smuggled its politics in under the guise of two happy-go-lucky gals taking a road trip together.
And if you're lucky, you find something that makes you happy.
For the moment, they are happy enough with their changed circumstances.
They have such a good time together that when the arrival of spring prompts his return, his new pals are happy to accompany him.
We smile because we are happy, and we frown because we are sad.
In a recession, what people want is a happy ending.
I'd be happy to read and review your book.
In my house, they also keep a variety of motor-driven trains moving and a couple of little boys happy.
They not only cope well during hardship but also celebrate the happy moments and work to build more of these into their lives.
Money makes you happy if it meets you needs and wants.
Eventually the gesture triggers the happy thoughts and feelings and you can use it in bad situations to cope better.
The number of friends, on the other hand, had no significant effect on how happy a subject was.
More than half of the burned-out residents said they were not happy with their career choice.
Instead, the smile is probably a by-product of a happy, non-stressed individual who enjoys those health benefits.
They're happy to see you, ride around on your shoulder, jump up on your lap and cry out with little squeals when upset.
They are probably happy in a dead memory, a stage they have probably achieved with much effort and inducement.
So he speaks from experience when he says that having children does not make you happy.
The company has a team of people whose job is to make workers happy: for example, by providing them with cold towels on a hot day.
It is still struggling to define its development in a way that will keep foreigners happy.
Foreigners were happy to accept, because foreigners themselves ran the custom house.
Companies are already happy to rely on utilities to provide electrical power, after all.
Let us meet them with faith and courage, with patience and a grateful and happy heart.
And things looked hearty and happy then, and work appeared to count.
Although its early chapters were shaped by terrors, his was largely a happy story.
Then you might have a case where some of the people aren't exactly happy but that's rare.
The public one, socially happy and the other private and miserable.
Even though you don't know her well, she will be happy to show you around.
We routinely overestimate how happy something will make us, whether it's a birthday, free pizza.
It was a pretty festive occasion, there wasn't any singing or dancing, but everyone was happy.
Everyone looks happy, standing in line, talking to each other.
It is truly a happy place filled with people who are happy being there.
Faithful companions who help us find our way in the world-and into a trio of happy endings.
They are happy to see fresh money reviving hotels and restoring stately properties.
Yet even this happy atmosphere harbored ominous undercurrents.
While they may be too sick for lengthy visits, some are so happy to see him that it brings them to tears.
The researchers found that viewing happy body postures increased activity only in brain regions that processed visual information.
The children who race out to greet us look healthy and happy and crowd around with a mix of excitement and fear.
Don't be shy-people are usually happy to show you what they do well.
Although four out of five wildfires are started by people, nature is usually more than happy to help fan the flames.
If you approach people in the right way, they'll usually be happy to have their picture made.
Soon enough the gentle sounds of the canyon were mingling with the happy laughter of children.
It turns out what makes a pig happy will make it taste that much better.
Differences showed up in the second test, a hot version of the first, where the faces had happy or frightened expressions.
He's happy to let the critics decide whether his work will be remembered as noir or literary fiction.
Its conclusions would not make anyone rich, happy, and beautiful.
Look again at the wallowing happy people, lotus-eating in squalor.
Selling a boat one has spent happy decades on is, in a way, a fateful decision.
It makes people happy to live in the neighborhood, and it also brings confidence.
But the companies that use options were happy with the status quo.
They are happy where they are and more likely to hunker-down in tough times.
How to get better service, how to get better food, how to be happy.
We are happy to let our scholarly lives speak for themselves.
Once in the park, enfolded in those several thousand happy people, there was the dancing.
There was a happy end for us, but not for everybody.
They were happy to feel they had gotten back the price of the ticket.
What is not reflected in the happy photos of the new puppy are the mistakes that might have come before him.
They wanted to know that it would be a happy marriage, where the spirit of partnership was in real evidence.
Companies that have infrastructure to use a particular spectrum won't be happy at the prospect that someone could outbid them.
Here they have a golden opportunity to actually make people happy and they are of course squandering it.
So some people think anyone who isn't happy with that explanation simply doesn't get it.
Not every student got into every program they applied for, of course, but all found places they were happy with.
We have missed his kindly presence, and wish he had a happy ending.
You'll be happy to know that we're still struggling with these same issues.
It also seems to favor coastal regions, whereas the brown- headed cowbird is happy inland as well.
Most respondents ranked themselves as moderately happy.
So if stopping for a picture or signing a book of theirs puts a smile on their face, then that makes me happy, too.
Animals who feel secure and happy are dopey and relaxed.
The difference between filmmakers and magicians is that filmmakers are only too happy to reveal their tricks.
Everybody has the right to do what they want to in life, to make themselves happy, regardless of what it may be.
So this is the edge of uncertain awareness on which an outwardly happy and thriving society is poised.
She never minded the vast hotel or dinner bills as long as everyone was happy.
It's easy to picture him running a sane, happy movie set.
They're happy that things are going well for their three children and that they're not on drugs.
Those summers seemed blissful, sort of a happy dream.
Arranged marriages rarely are as fruitful and happy as those in which both parties choose the other.

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