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Think happening restaurants, a new contemporary art museum, and an architecturally forward-thinking bridge.
What had seemed a melancholy happening, now seemed a tiresome anticlimax.
It is the similarity between the performed action and the expected happening.
Sometimes she was angry about some happening at the banker's house and scolded away for hours.
He had his own object-he simply wanted to find out at once what was happening here.
Something was happening to him entirely new, sudden and unknown.
His timing was unfortunate, for something started happening around then which made nonsense of his ideas.
They can fly unaided to the target area and monitor much of what is happening on the ground without help from their controllers.
In some areas where change might be expected, however, nothing much seems to be happening.
What economists mean by real inflation is, of course, a wage-price spiral and that is not happening.
There is no good economic reason why this should be happening.
If no spot-changing oscillation were happening it should have seen only one or two.
The team is now conducting follow-up experiments to see whether this is what is happening.
Meanwhile something new is happening in developed markets.
At first sight, the danger of the same thing happening now looks slim.
Conventional wisdom says such discoveries should not be happening now.
It is something that is happening right now all over the world.
With all the communication that's happening and all the opening of boundaries, the connections are there.
You've said that design is a barometer gauge of what's happening in our society.
And some were totally oblivious to what was happening.
Changes this large have historically taken thousands of years, but are now happening over the course of decades.
To meteorologists, however, the tropics region is defined by long-term climate and what's happening in the atmosphere.
Ask students to write captions to describe what's happening in each of the pictures on these pages.
But this didn't mean he is happy with what is happening in the place of his birth.
As far as showing all the climate changes happening at once, it's definitely over the top.
Maybe so strong it can stop any cracks from happening.
Lying in bed, you're totally conscious, and you realize that strange things are happening.
If there's a visceral, cinematic thing happening that the audience likes, they don't care if it goes against what's likely.
Whatever the cause, these disasters have been happening more frequently, more intensely and more out of the blue.
What is actually happening in the world is not used here.
All of the snow and chilly temps this winter almost convinced us that global warming isn't happening, after all.
But it is also a way to further hide the conclusion that global cooling is happening.
But its far too little of a reason to back up what s actually happening quantum mechanically.
Ten experts in science and technology describe the revolutions they see as already happening or that will in the near future.
Similar to what is already happening to military robotics.
What is needed is a rational look at what is actually happening.
Keep up with all that's happening in academe each day.
Something remarkable is happening among undergraduates that should command our attention.
The best thoughts are not happening on our campuses, they are happening elsewhere.
Stay up-to-date with what's happening in academe in a matter of minutes.
Despite the gloomy talk about the academic job market, a lot more hiring has been happening than many people think.
It is not too late for university leaders across the nation to step back, think about what is happening, and why.
The likelihood of that happening would be roughly the same.
The visits of these high and mighty types are useful for recognition of something important happening on the ground.
He should do more to prevent that from ever happening.
My view is that you cannot sit in an ivory tower, office complex, or financial capital and know what is happening in the world.
There's no good explanation for why this might be happening.
But unless you fall into one of those two categories, chances are you weren't really aware that it was happening.
Though there are safeguards to prevent that from happening, it's possible.
The foreigners who visit the orphanage every week do not claim to understand what is happening there.
The free version of the software simply observes what's happening on the machine and recommends fixes to speed up the process.
It slowly opened up and in the process people lost a lot of awareness of what was happening with their data.
People can be depressed if good things are happening.
They can be depressed if nothing in particular is happening.
People have talked about this before, but now changes are happening much more radically.
The future of fuel-cell vehicles is already happening in an unlikely proving ground: forklifts used in warehouses.
While you were watching something happen down around her waist, something else was happening on her shoulder.
There is so much of this im-moral behavior happening in our country.
We are experiencing a paradigm shift, and maybe a singularity is already happening.
It's a story that's happening over and over at many large corporations.
Interactions among clouds would appear to be happening through an intermediate virtual cloud.
THis is why hybrids have to oversize battery packs to avoid this happening, a serious tradeoff and disadvantage.
So, whatever else was happening, the pilots should have kept their eyes on those--and focused on keeping the plane level.
What has been happening in the energy sector is of far more relevance to understanding our present economic condition.
Some form of intervention did come close to happening more than once, however.
What's happening behind the scenes is something quite different.
Indeed, it's revealing that this expansion was happening as people were having fewer children.
But there are drawings by people who were beaten of what was happening to them.
When you hear about an epidemic or even a little mention of something strange happening, act immediately.
Let's think about what is actually happening to the global economy right now.
He looked up and was surprised to see that nothing was happening.
Over the past ten years or so, something similar has been happening in comics.
He was a clear-sighted realist about what was happening to him, and what would or would not come after.
But the core meaning of what's happening on the darker side of the spectrum has intermittently slipped away.
It frames a report of a happening in such a way as to make the story take in the collective imagination.
He must have been aware of what was happening around him.
It is not what happened but what is happening and what will happen.
Before far-reaching decisions could be made, one had to gain a clearer picture of what was happening.
The new books go deeper into the agonizing question of what is happening to our country.
Increasingly, he can no longer stand the thought of this happening to himself, or to any of his fellow human beings.
Something else must be happening in this bizarre creature and for now, it's a mystery that goes unsolved.
What was happening is that they were focusing on the wrong parameters in framing their expectations.
But it is possible to take some steps to try to prevent such tragedies from happening.
There's no reason this spate of big earthquakes should be happening, but there's no reason it shouldn't either.
It is happening already with low-quality video-chat technologies.
We're pretty sure this is how things work because that's pretty much what's happening in our own solar system.
Keeping track of time is essential for perceiving what's happening around us and responding to it.
Gradually, however, she began to have a vague sense that the expected changes weren't happening in her.
After observing the pair for some time, a third dip in the system's light was seen happening at odd intervals.
The answer, she decided, was to throw herself into figuring out what was happening to her.
There's a war going on that you're completely oblivious to, even though it's happening right under your nose.
About two decades ago, researchers first noticed something odd was happening to amphibians.
It's interesting that the debt-crisis talks are happening concurrently with baseball's trading deadline.
And there's also what seems an almost pre-nostalgia: nostalgia for events while they're happening, or even before they happen.
Science suddenly seemed to be in the forefront of what was happening in advanced kitchens.
She was right there while the disasters were happening, and she was unable to say anything.
He's there and knows how to explain why it's happening.
Whatever protection exists in life ought to prevent such a thing from happening.
Crazy things were happening to seemingly normal people.
We know there are good times and bad times, sometimes predicated on what's happening in nature.
They will be scarred for life by what is happening today.
All this was happening against the backdrop of a storefront underwear display featuring a lacy red teddy.
It was as if all this were happening to someone else.
Obviously two people leave a relationship because there's a different thought pattern happening.
But they sort of watch what's happening and piece together what really happened.
My job isn't to give an opinion but to try and explain what's happening.
Storm chasers tend to look at the weather evolving and question why it is happening and how it is happening.
Something good must be happening in the options business, since so many exchanges want in on it.
It is happening all over the world, especially in developing countries.

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