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Example sentences for hapless

The hapless lovers in this first novel are kept constantly off-balance before being consigned to oblivion.
The hapless creature presumably drowns in his own tears, a finale that kids may find unsettling.
The hapless bureaucrat was forced to eat his own words.
From that time forward, her progress through life had been hapless.
And he has unleashed a new militia on his hapless fellow countrymen.
My days are hapless and sad.
We are still hapless idealists, from the very founding of our nation.
It may well be the end of the road for his hapless campaign for president.
And it's always easy in retrospect to make the winning campaign out to be geniuses, the losers hapless bumblers.
Some seek only money, preying on the hapless and uninformed.
Sorting out the good mentors from the hapless or malicious is a matter of some nuance as well as necessity.
Forget about hapless mates being dragged around by macho mammoth killers.
By rapidly opening their jaws, they create negative pressure that pulls in a hapless fish.
The ugly head darts up once more and sucks in the hapless four-pound body.
He easily spots pottery shards where the hapless reporter at his side sees only sticks and pebbles.
The dogs directed five hapless sheep through a series of patterns, including a figure eight around two cones.
The ghettos soon collapsed, leaving it to the city's hapless taxpayers to support their miserable inhabitants.
Tread silently round the hapless couch of the poor prostrate soul.
These hapless bankers loaned billions of dollars seemingly to any property developer who walked in the door.
Finding that he did not develop typhus, he then tried out his vaccine on a few hapless children.
Well, that's the opposite of what these hapless folks in need of a superhero called for.
There is even a special unit to chase hapless migrants through the city's storm drains.
It is not only hapless borrowers and those in the subprime loan market who will suffer.
These hapless children were whisked off to military bases and set to work growing food or carrying supplies.
Turn it off, and the characters become hapless puppets, relying on your instructions at every turn.
Without spoiling the plot, the werewolves told me that the elves weren't exactly the hapless victims they appeared to be.
They're arriving by the thousands every month, homeless, hapless victims of foreclosure.
The characters in her pictures can be simultaneously comical and admirable, sinister and hapless, strange and familiar.
It then starts to feed and grow, killing its hapless victims within a few days.
The screams certainly seemed to be those of the hapless workers plunging to their deaths.
Neither of the hapless, responding officers actually obtained any evidence or other property from the house.

Famous quotes containing the word hapless

How the Chimney-sweepers cry Every blackning Church appalls, And the hapless Soldiers sigh Runs in blood do... more
There a captive sat in chains Crooning ditties treasured well From his Afric's torrid plains. Sole estate his sire beque... more
The hapless Nymph with wonder saw: A whisker first and then a claw, With many an ardent wish, She stretch'd... more
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