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The books were heaped haphazardly across a floor muddy with the footprints of antiques hunters.
With a start, he realized it was his own landscape, haphazardly lying on its side.
For years federal money has been distributed haphazardly.
They occupy chairs and tables under languid ceiling fans and a haphazardly joined ceiling of corrugated plastic sheets.
Students, journalists, and other folks who toss gadgets haphazardly in a bag will know this is heaven's sent.
Her blond hair was haphazardly clipped back in a ponytail.
Also airlines were suddenly burdened with new requirements haphazardly thrown together in response to the attacks.
Burrowed haphazardly beneath the surface city, these quarries became increasingly unstable over time.
Big pots of flowers stand haphazardly about, and an old grandfather clock chimes the hour.
It is a haphazardly made and poorly considered argument.
We repeatedly sat on, dropped and haphazardly tossed the frames without seeing them get bent out of shape.
Thousands of movies are haphazardly neglected, turning into vinegar in shoddy warehouses.
Other sweaters are as haphazardly holey as hippie macrame.
The vehicles, the observers said, had been haphazardly but effectively camouflaged to avoid detection by.
But the look is one of happy flotsam, clotting haphazardly and dispersing with odd formality.
Also on hand are three works that use found plastic letters from store signs to spell out extra-poignant words haphazardly.
At the outset, our students wrote quickly and haphazardly, producing incomprehensible homework.
Another was that the photons were escaping haphazardly from the laser.
Only a fraction of the workforce receives unemployment benefits, while pensions are underfunded and haphazardly administered.
But it is often used so haphazardly it obscures the nature of what is being studied.
The images on posters such as these were not haphazardly created.
Further, the confirmation exception log is haphazardly prepared and is not reviewed by an operations officer.
Instead, anecdotes are stories gathered haphazardly and cannot be validated.
If used haphazardly, these sentences and phrases lose much of their value.
People breed selectively as well, albeit somewhat haphazardly when left to their own devices.
But, in order to make it an efficient pursuit, it shouldn't be performed haphazardly.
If it is used haphazardly, the logo's value will be diminished.

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