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Example sentences for hankering

But if you have a risotto hankering and not much time, take the offensive.
If you're hankering for stew, you can always throw a few cubes of pumpkin into the pot.
The academic with a hankering for on-screen action will probably be indulged.
Americans, for example, seem to be hankering for isolationism.
Of course, visions of floating state evasion cannot always be explained by a hankering for tax evasion.
But if you're also hankering for ham and paper towels, no need to run to the supermarket.
And you know you'll be back, but you're hankering for places a bit more out of the way.
It seems the coyote was hankering for another kind of fast food.
Depending upon the season, it is packed with mountain bikers or skiers hankering for a homemade pie topped with fresh ingredients.
If you're a suburban cowboy hankering to raise a herd and short on ranch land, mini cattle may be for you.
But there are several venues around town for those hankering for things to do that are lighter on the wallet.
My friend and helpmate obviously never had a hankering for a full-length coyote coat.
Those few encounters ignited a hankering that culminated with my career in veterinary medicine.
There is something bold and definitive about tall buildings that some people always seem to have a hankering for in their cities.

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