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And the best thing after a hangover position is to not compound the mistake with more drinking.
The only certain way to avoid a hangover is to limit your drinking.
There is probably no hangover that comes anywhere close to the hangover from an exorcism.
And by the next morning, you're likely to feel awful-the throbbing, band-around-the-head feeling of a migraine or a hangover.
In all likelihood, the hangover has been a part of human history a lot longer than the goblet.
If things don't go well, one can get acute mountain sickness, which often starts with a headache reminiscent of a hangover.
But alcohol's effects on our heads go well beyond a mere hangover.
JuJu: nah, you recalibrate everything constantly, so there's no way this could be a hangover from infancy.
The afternoon-free from the blur of hangover or the fug of sleep-is when our shared predicament on this planet becomes clear.
His memoir evokes both the intoxication of the revolution and the hangover that followed.
Equities are still suffering from a valuation hangover commented.
Afterwards reindeer and people may get a hangover, though fatalities are extremely rare.
After the great global housing binge, the hangover is kicking in.
The present may be grim, but eventually the hangover from the financial crisis will fade and unemployment will fall.
But the next morning brought the inevitable hangover.
Domestic demand has been contracting, thanks partly to a hangover from a consumer-credit binge.
One theory is that you went missing because of a hangover.
Part of the reason is regulatory hangover from the post-war period.
The hangover needs to be commensurate with the party.
But the biological basis of the hangover goes back even further.
The movie plainly suggests that controlling language is part of the authoritarian hangover of a former police state.
She remembered the missing sense of time and place that hangover induces.
The following day, having an unusually distressing hangover, this reporter failed to report.
The outlaw image is a hangover from a car-crazy century.
The credit and spending binge has left us with a different kind of hangover.
Meanwhile the rest of the country was still living with the hangover of its credit-fueled binge.
We aren't the only generation to have gone on a credit-fueled buying binge-or to regret the hangover that followed.
The transformation of entertainment was striking, and the hangover quite tangible.
To the end, his act was as clear as corn liquor and muddled as the hangover it gives you.
That's cool and all, but people want to know if your vodka will give them a hangover.
They recur with striking and mounting emphasis as the narrative shakes off its near-permanent hangover.
The best way to avoid a hangover is to go easy on the grog.

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