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Next, to keep the tubing in place after you've situated it, tie it to a length of coat hanger.
It could be a large coat hanger or a small earring hanger.
The trick is to have the right kind of hanger and pot.
Skirt steak, sometimes called hanger steak or butcher steak, is one of my favorites.
Various versions are still in the testing stage, hovering a few feet over the floor of a giant hanger.
Grilled hanger steak was juicy and served with an earthy brown sauce and nicely sautéed broccoli rabe.
Take the marinated hanger steak and grilled asparagus.
The hanger steak is fine and rare, with a dense red-wine sauce.
If you're using this as your only main course-instead of serving it with the hanger steak-double the recipe.
From the closet he takes an old white shirt, its shoulders tan with coat-hanger rust, with years.
Car keys in gray cashmere cardigan on second hanger in hall closet.
Clothes on a hanger or on a conventional mannequin don't show how they move, what they convey, nearly as well.
My parents helped me build my first one from a broomstick, coat hanger, and piece of cheesecloth.
Arrive at the hanger at the designated time, ready for your short training and dressed for flying in the air at high speed.
There are nine cuts of beef including hanger steak, ribeye chop and porterhouse for two.
Each individual campsite has a picnic table, fire ring, grill and lantern hanger.
Inside a restored airplane hanger, visitors sit in a specially modified theater.
Arrive at the designated bus station, flight hanger or pickup point about an hour early and check in at the ticket counter.
Diners may also choose barbecue ribs, hanger steak or grilled salmon fillet.
The hanger steak delivers the goods, and so do the fries.
Provide hanger rods, bolts, nuts and all metal parts coated with the same material as hangers.
Install hanger inserts and wire loops required for support of hanger and bracing wire in concrete forms before concrete is placed.
Install hanger inserts and wire loops required for support of hanger wire in concrete forms before concrete is placed.

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