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The same thing applies to the duct-work as stated for the air handler.
The beagle would sit next to a suspicious-smelling bag, wag his tail, look excited and then look to his handler for praise.
Not everyone who handles food needs a food handler's certificate.
When the dog cannot make a positive decision, he will look to the handler for a cue.
Each handler was asked to try to have their dogs find a hidden sample.
He changed his handler, you know, to his sister-not a good idea.
Within seconds, he's back at the top of the field being fed by the handler.
As the dog was being sent into the building he attacked the unidentified officer and did not heed his handler's command to let go.
The handler then moves one door clockwise or counterclockwise, and a new round starts.
Those items can prove too tempting for an airline baggage handler.

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