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She had a shrewd head for business and handled their finances skillfully.
We carved brown chunks off the congealed blood stuffing with a bone-handled knife and ate with our hands.
As this part receives much of the everyday strain of usage, it must be handled correctly.
Talk with others about how they have handled it and craft an approach that works for you.
Think about how you handled yourself and how you prepared.
If the turnover is handled unprofessionally, everyone loses.
When you have that handled, you can work on taking one weekend day off entirely.
The professor handled the students who were writing the research papers.
The problem is not evaluations per se, but the way they are conducted and handled.
The crossover contains the fuel-injection system, and combustion and exhaust are handled in the second cylinder.
Most intellectual tasks such as accounting can be handled by computers.
Down to his nerve endings, he probably feels that he would have handled it better.
So it's partly a question of how conflict is handled.
She wears a blue apron and wields a pink-handled knife.
But there was scant evidence for how it was prepared and handled.
The nitrogen can be handled before it gets into the bays and the oceans.
Advice now is taken as strict demeaning criticism that needs to be handled with violence and rudeness.
Soon it might become a addiction if not correctly handled.
However funding of science is handled, private or public, the funding cannot be geared to profit.
The doping problem in baseball should be handled solely by the baseball commissioner.
Sounds that are captured by the microphone are handled by the processor, which converts the sound into digital information.
Intermittency and distributed sources can be handled with energy storage systems and power grids.
For those interested in how controversial ideas are handled in science, it's a must-read.
The lack of tree movement is easily handled by it being a windless night.
All of these questions are handled beautifully by speed bumps and speed limit signs.
The nation handled the aftermath of the attacks and advocated against the use of nuclear weapons should make any nation proud.
The clerk showed him the gun, and he handled the pistol grip admiringly.
How the data gathered from users is handled has been a minefield for phone makers.
It's sleek and nimble, and it revolutionizes how tabs are handled.
Anything that requires two minutes or less is handled on the spot.
It's easy to imagine computers taking over more tasks handled now by low-level office workers or receptionists.
Those three uniforms raise questions about how the military addressed pregnancy in the past and how it is handled today.
But this could hardly have been handled better on his side.
He's really smart, and handled storyboards and all that stuff.
In my mind, it was absolutely handled the right way by coach and the people he was working with.
It's imperative that their catalog be handled tastefully and treated as the heritage of our generation.
But it's being treated as an inconceivable sum, far beyond anything that could possibly be handled.
Wood-handled paint brushes were promoted as better for the planet because they were not made of plastic.
The yuan's rise as a global currency is being handled with familiar deliberation.
If handled correctly, few have long-term consequences for the manufacturer involved.
Now she walked more deliberately, but with a bone-handled carving knife ready in her pocket.
What went wrong, how things were handled and how they should have been-all this ought to be understood by now, you might think.
Few people believe it would have handled the many-headed catastrophe any more adroitly.
So far the police have handled them cautiously, though pro-regime thugs have become more active.
The facts and anecdotes are handled deftly, without preening.
Awkwardly, no consistent distinction exists between an offence that should be handled under criminal law and one under civil law.
Information-money can be handled by any information-processing device.
Crises can even give brands a long-term boost, provided the rehabilitation is properly handled.
Clearly a majority of this size needs to be handled with prudence.
We've all seen the stories about the tainted milk scandal and how poorly it was handled all round.
Americans are still frustrated about the way health care was handled.
If handled correctly, nuclear energy can be a safe alternative energy.
Food brought from home can be kept safe if it is first handled and cooked safely.
Plutonium is therefore handled in sealed glove boxes.
Hayden and his family handled this storm of ambiguity with relative grace.
Cholera is a preventable disease when handled with education and intense mobilization.
All navigation is handled through a menu that appears when tapping the screen once.
He will be handled by his buddy, who is being given an unusually large level of influence for a manager.
Since all of this has gone on, he's handled himself well.

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