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It is often hamstrung by diplomacy and domestic public opinion.
But the public university is hamstrung if state government and its citizens won't support it.
In their defense, trustees have long said that they are hamstrung.
However, previous efforts to make spider silk using bacteria have been hamstrung for several reasons.
But the campaign has been hamstrung by scaremongering zealots.
But the bank is hamstrung by a dual-currency system in which the kyat's official exchange rate is fixed at six to the dollar.
But the authorities were clearly hamstrung by the political risks involved.
Despite its stated goal of subverting hierarchy, the group's efforts will be hamstrung by infighting and power struggles.
The third leg of the stool--business--remains hamstrung by weak revenues and profits.
The evolutionists, hamstrung by gradualism, will never explain the origin of consciousness or of language.
Burning them pollutes our environment and our geopolitical strategy is hamstrung by their power over economic activity.
He has several contracts that have hamstrung the franchise.
Teams in ownership flux often are hamstrung to make deals until a new owner is identified or, in some cases, approved.
The economy is hamstrung-still crippled by a debt overhang.
Unfortunately, this endeavor is hamstrung by a lack of empirical research on the topic.
At the same time, managers feel hamstrung at having to make decisions with an admittedly incomplete picture.
Federal information sharing hamstrung by technology.
However, the department of land and natural resources is hamstrung by its limited mission.
But failures at the federal level left open loopholes and hamstrung the actions of state law enforcement.
Whenever such a law is challenged, the government will be hamstrung by the strict scrutiny requirements.

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