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With so many people taking the hamburger standard so seriously, it may be time to beef it up.
Yes, indeed, the hamburger nation obviously needs one of those.
School lunch programs across the country are even adding soy to hamburger patties.
The fact that a hamburger is lower in calories than a salad doesn't necessarily make it a better option.
There are great seafood restaurants, but if you prefer a hot dog or hamburger instead, you can get those too.
Once you give up meat, you may realize how few options you have at restaurants or how much you miss a freshly grilled hamburger.
Compared to a hamburger we've got three to four times the volume, probably ten times the nutrients and maybe half the calories.
They also offer unusual gum flavors,such as hamburger and pizza.
There is something wrong with the statistics on the hamburger figure.
The key is to persuade enough people to make a small change--say, from a hamburger to a chickpea fritter at lunch.
All the flavor of a hamburger with none of the nutrition.
Of course it does, but that doesn't mean a curry or sushi dish seems any less exotic when compared to a hamburger.
Have you seen hamburger lately, its almost three dollars a pound.
Shape each into hamburger-shaped rounds, each about an inch thick.
With burger concepts on fire, now's the time to invest in hamburger stocks.
They've got a hamburger patty on rice, with eggs and gravy.
He begun putting them up as wallpaper-a giant hamburger in his bedroom.
We're kicking off a season of warm weather and standout produce with a careful look at the definitive dish: the hamburger.
The hamburger craze started about five years ago, and now every trendy new place has to have le hamburger on the menu.
But it is government meat subsidies that deflate the price of everything from pork to hamburger.
They all got the same diet-raw hamburger meat-and, with few exceptions, they all died within a few weeks.
He invited me out to dinner, and over a hamburger he mentioned that he worked in a refugee resettlement nearby.
But only a brave few have engineered tissues expressly for the purpose of making hamburger.
If people don't want their personal holy cows turned into hamburger, they can go elsewhere.
That's a sad fact for hamburger lovers, but it's true.
Fast food seems to think the epitome of masculinity is a large hamburger.
As national symbols go, the hamburger is honest and simple.

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