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On the other side is a group of scientists and citizens committed to halting the cane toad's deadly approach to its territory.
Sustainable logging and harvesting rather than clear-cutting are among the strategies key to halting rain forest loss.
What pressure the government exerts now is directed mostly at halting gas flares.
And of course there are the halting attempts to create ever willing romantic androids.
My conducting is tentative and the musicians' response is halting and lumbered.
His breathing was still halting but not nearly as bad.
And they all thereupon became fearful and timid: neither halting nor journeying was pleasant unto them.
His halting speech was itself a kind of laughter, not fully intelligible yet contagious.
Meanwhile, efforts to reverse or merely forestall wetland loss have been halting.
With halting speech he continued, as if trying to decide what to say next.
Automation, far from halting this trend, has accelerated it.
There should also be a renewed effort to open talks, if necessary by halting the bombing.
Killing these infinitely renewing cells could be key to halting the disease.
To minimize this drag, the driver can close the vent with his left knee, halting air flow to the rear wing.
Tracking down the virus's natural host is crucial to halting outbreaks and preventing new ones, he says.
We can't do those things right now, but our efforts today are the first halting steps in that direction.
Intellectually they understand that the insurgency is destabilizing their country and halting progress.
His voice ravaged by dehydration, he proposed in a halting rasp that they attempt to row their way out of the calm.
The key to halting cancer cells may lie in their sugary coats, scientists say.
Halting disease progression has not yet been achieved.
And it seems the canary's song is growing ever more halting.
Drug-induced senescence appears to turn these genes back on, halting cell division.
Reform of labour and product markets, even if frequently halting and subject to strong opposition, will continue.
But the two politicians responsible for halting the subway have since shifted their stance.
Yet simply halting floodwaters and preventing short-term damage is not enough.
The measures, intended to be temporary, succeeded in halting the market collapse.
How useful the no-fly zone will be in halting the regime's counter-offensive is debatable.
The first course they examine is halting the ill effects of hunger at the earliest possible stage: in utero.
Democracy and economic change are pulling it forward, but at a halting pace.
But halting a forest fire in its tracks is as difficult and dangerous as ever.
In education, however, the gains have been more halting.
Relations had appeared to improve since then, although progress was sometimes halting.
And once again the government has announced a package of measures aimed at halting it.
Believed, that is, in halting the genocide he knew was taking place.

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