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Flanking them are halter-topped honeys with long, two-tone hair.
Four or five mules long, a string is fashioned, each mule's halter tied to the rear of the next mule's aparejo.
Although, having my neuroscience quote tattooed on my back to where it sticks out of halter tops is a fun party trick.
The loud-mouthed comic chose a sunny-hued halter dress.
Yet the filmmakers hold out the possibility of new life stirring under the domestic halter and the intellectual sloth.
The halter gently tightens up when the dog pulls away from you so it teaches the dog to walk correctly.
If you're using the gentle leader harness it's not nearly as effective as the halter thing, the one that goes over the nose.
But the roan is tired too, so it simply pulls back on its halter and gives a shivering nicker.
First, she improvises a halter and quadruple-wrapped ribbon belt to hoist up her underskirt.
One day you will want to wear a halter-necked backless gown.
Her taut, slender body was encased in skintight white jeans and a pastel silk halter top.

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