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Take corporate computer programs away, and the economy comes to a grinding halt.
Pressing the button would halt all movement on all tracks.
At that point it could be too late to halt an epidemic.
The government only acts as that third wheel that brings progress and innovation to a screeching halt.
Bloom extends from midsummer to frost if spent flowers are removed to halt seed production add to my plant list.
Every few minutes the boat grinds to a halt as the prop becomes entangled in water plants.
Eliminating these aggregates, scientists say, could potentially halt or undo the damage inflicted by these diseases.
Scientists are continuing to search for a way to treat infected bats and halt the spread of the disease.
It's not the first time that a vendor has intervened to halt a security talk discussing a vulnerability with its system.
Lots of others don't-including those who sued to halt its construction.
The transfer of electrons would quickly come to a halt.
But all this activity could soon come to a grinding halt.
Some colleges, for reasons either economic or environmental, are considering a halt to their growth.
Too much moisture will create mold and too little moisture will halt the decomposition process.
Inhibitory control is the ability to halt automatic impulses and focus on the problem at hand.
But normal life, for those so affected, ground to a miserable and unnerving halt.
Ocean currents have squeezed and shattered plates of ice, and our sled comes to a halt.
It often takes military intervention to halt genocide.
In doing so, it can simultaneously cut off the supply of blood to a tumor and halt cell division.
Yet it could equally be a cause for concern: higher borrowing costs could cause the recovery to grind to a halt.
Finally large gas-filled bags will inflate to protect it as it bounces to a halt on the landing site.
The result is storms that can cool the plasma and halt fusion.
Within a mile, they spot two more and quickly pull the convoy to a halt.
The spread of democracy appears to have come to a halt.
The country's oil refinery has come to a virtual halt because sanctions are preventing crude from coming in.
My vehicle comes to a hasty halt as a disabled car emerges abruptly from the murk dead ahead.
But its ex-employees still bring parts of the capital to a halt with protests.
At the firs whiff, every engine on every train will grind to a collective halt until the track is returned.
In some cases, officials have been able to halt the slow-moving species' spread by catching infestations early.
Take away the under-five-dollars-a-gallon gasoline and all the cars, and the whole thing grinds to a halt.
Not surprisingly, people have been searching a long time for chemicals that might halt that tide of forgetting.
Since then the drive for integration has ground to a halt.
When cells run out of energy, a result is fatigue, and exercise grinds to a halt until those sources are replenished.
If you could somehow halt these miniature motions while fixing your gaze, a static scene would simply fade from view.
One wonders if the on-going measures to halt the explosive increase of drug users taken by the governments are bearing fruit.
Both the government and the rebels agreed to halt arms purchases under the peace accords.
In vegetative patients, however, the loop screeched to a halt.
Similar problems in the field of cancer-killing viruses could halt research.
But there is much work to be done before entomologists can halt the deadly mosquitoes.
At last, tired of roaming, he came to a halt in an apartment where some one had lit a bright fire.
At the village-well a halt is called and the leaf-clad lout is dismounted and ducked in the trough.
Even as growth in emerging markets has come to a halt, the rich economies look set to shrink.
Sacking a contractor can mean that factories grind to a halt, bills languish unpaid and chaos mounts.
However small the protesters' number, they end up bringing traffic to a halt all around the city's main thoroughfare.
The disease is fairly easy to halt with simple rehydration fluids.
True to form, the authorities are moving to halt the party.
They expect a brief halt, instead of which they linger for five days and browse among the locals.
There's not much political or legal action to halt illegal immigration at present.
The question was whether a halt should be called on science.
Life too comes to a screeching halt when energy processing is no longer possible.
They provide temporary relief, reducing the malarial fever, but may do little to halt the parasites.
Scientists are urging caution and in this case that means doing our best to put a halt to this little uncontrolled experiment.
Instead, jiggles, and the blood tends to a halt along the walls of the atrium.
Or in other words, there isn't much environmental groups can do to halt it.
Government efforts to halt illegal mining in the area have mostly been futile.
The platform dropped slightly, then came to a halt as the safety brake engaged.
Unless a solution is found, the bandwidth problem will effectively halt all advances in processing performance in the near future.
From this center, the company can initiate or halt machine operations as necessary.
He is given a code word that he can use at any time to halt the process.
We think at the present time that there is not enough dark matter plus light to halt the expansion.
To conserve power, the rescue operation may come to a halt this month.
The same ideas could help to halt the spread of other invasive species.
But flatfish evolution did not grind to a halt once both eyes ended up on the same side of the head.
At a minimum, it should help halt such dead-end efforts as string theory.
Only when it grinds to a halt does it gather its outstretched limbs together.
Home schedules would grind to a halt without immediate communication.
It's a way to bring atoms to a halt by bombarding them with the photons in a laser beam.
It hitches a lift on the ants' shell and it secretes antibiotics that halt the growth of the parasite.
If the constant were negative, gravity would halt the universe's expansion and cause it to collapse.
Carts not pulled by horses quickly come to a halt, and so do ships with furled sails.
Between the bitter halt in negotiations and the onset of the picket line sniffles it had been a fairly gloomy week.
Three times she brought the trial to a halt by swooning, once coughing up blood to the shock of the courtroom.

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