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On this hallowed field, they are used to a crackling quarterback controversy every few years.
But, of course, these hallowed professors are protected because they are professors.
Nikon fans have been waiting years for the hallowed brand to give them a high-end compact camera.
Guitar, drum, flute and singing combined in a hauntingly melodic paean to these hallowed grounds.
Imagine you could tell an automaker to bring back a hallowed example of vehicular history, complete with modern technology.
To some outside of the city, though, it stands as a hallowed battlefield that must be shielded and memorialized.
To range widely and cannily through hundreds of poems was the mark of involvement in something hallowed and distinctive.
Reunification of the peninsula remains a hallowed goal on either side.
They are all hallowed places, somber and impeccably maintained.
But first a word about why said odd-sounding vestment is appearing in these hallowed pages.
For devoted cult movie fans, there is some hallowed ground where remake-minded producers probably shouldn't tread.
The hallowed halls of academia are not problem free.
Whatever this unfairness, a hallowed piece of conventional wisdom seems to have been punctured.
But don't mock the sport, because down here it's hallowed.
No pens, bags or cameras are allowed inside the hallowed reading room.
They have a hallowed sense of their activity, and it gives them a hallowed sense of themselves.
More ambitiously, he wants to rethink the school's hallowed teaching methods.
She drank as though the water were from hallowed ground.
But all was not quiet in the hallowed executive suites.
Spring break has long been a hallowed tradition for college students.
Then he must struggle to find his way back to the hallowed life.
Disciples were required to make pilgrimages to these hallowed halls for a taste.
Although his range went well beyond those hallowed television programs, they are perhaps what he is best remembered for.
Whose name had oft hallowed the wine-cup they poured.
The desktop is crammed with hallowed symbols of the homeland.
The hallowed concept of character was invented to seal off these contingencies.
In both cases, too many people jealously clustered and jostled within inches of hallowed works that demanded close scrutiny.
He behaved afterward as if he had been hallowed by madness.
There is a new school of auctioneers, smart enough fellows doubtless, who choose to ignore the hallowed traditions.
Its shores are sparsely populated, but laden with sites considered hallowed by local shamans.
So they are granted certain privileges, hallowed by long observance but ill-defined.
Questioning hallowed practices was, he believed, a big part of an economist's job.
If an archaeological or historic site is universally viewed as significant, it will be protected as hallowed ground.
The proposal has sparked a debate over whether new rovers can be trusted to not disturb the hallowed ground.
And even among cultures that bury their dead, the sense of a grave as hallowed ground is not necessarily shared.
Its reason for being and its effect on those who view its hallowed walls and artifacts.
We encourage all our visitors to learn more about the compelling stories that occurred on these hallowed grounds.
The bullet on the left has a cup that fit into a hallowed out recess, designed to expand the bullet into the barrel rifling.

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