halibut in a sentence

Example sentences for halibut

Sol ordered the halibut with buttered peas and julienne potatoes.
Vast stocks of salmon and herring and halibut would perish next, naturalists feared, and with them an industry and a way of life.
We ate halibut cheeks that night with some fishermen who brought along a fiddle, two guitars, even a clarinet.
We couldn't believe how outrageously yummy these halibut skewers are.
Entree items include grilled halibut, battered shrimp tacos and fish and chips.
Charter boats depart from the resort's dock to guide visiting anglers to the best waters for halibut, salmon and ling cod.
You'll also find homemade chili, fresh salmon, halibut and grilled sandwiches along with several pasta dishes.
Watermark provides an array of seafood options, including pan-seared halibut and poached salmon.
For dinner have the roasted halibut served with wild mushrooms and a tomato vinaigrette.
Dishes include grilled halibut, filet mignon and steamed mussels.
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