haired in a sentence

Example sentences for haired

Their children, stunted and ginger-haired from malnutrition, clamber in the trees.
Punk rock arrived, short-haired and anti-fantastical: no longer was it cool to sing about wizards.
The engineer's family was there: his grown children, his gray-haired parents.
The countries are divided into four quartiles, and ranked in order of the employment rate of the grey-haired contingent.
The result is a growing list of tongues spoken only by white-haired elders.
It would also not be astonishing if silver-haired landlords start to dominate a growing private rental sector.
The flame-haired actress has by no means let herself go gray.
Maybe that's the secret behind this long-haired dealmaker.
The long haired hippy looking judge needs to have his mouth washed out with soap.
Mister, a long-haired mixed breed who enjoys walking on a leash, had no trouble adjusting.
The attendance of these two white-haired history makers couldn't have been more poetically appropriate.

Famous quotes containing the word haired

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1946: I go to graduate school at Tulane in order to get distance from a "possessive" mother. I see a lot of a red-... more
And thou, thou rich-haired youth of morn, And all thy subject life was born!... more
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