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During a hair transplant, a physician moves hairs from an area of thick growth to bald areas.
Moreover, all it took was a molecule of moisture and her hair frizzed.
Castration would certainly ensure a full head of hair for life.
Coloring your hair can enhance natural colors and highlights, conceal gray or change your hair color completely.
Straight hair may seem easy to brush but it actually tangles more often than curly locks.
Shoulder-length hair and patent leather party shoes complete the ensemble.
Scientists find a way to grow hair follicles on furless mice using stem cells.
Fur must reflect light realistically, and long hair should wave around as the character moves.
Comb your hair and don't forget to clean behind your ears.
Hair care pros often spot possible skin cancers on the scalp.
Your kids can only bob in the water for so long before the chlorine turns their hair a luminescent green.
His hair pokes out from under a trendy, tight-fitting knit cap.
The well-preserved fossil also included hairlike fibers quite different from the hair on modern mammals.
Your hair contains a record of everywhere you've been.
Preference given to candidates with skills in execution of makeup and hair designs.
But something looked funny, his hair oddly full and glossy.
These bumps are caused by a contraction of miniature muscles that are attached to each hair.
Through the years, everything from headstands to hair grafts has been touted as the cure for baldness.
Not only did she get locked up in a tall tower, but she literally risked her neck by allowing a prince to climb up her hair.
Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often experience hair loss.
The sesame seed-sized, six-legged insects grasp human hair strands and feed on human blood.
She's the one with a significant amount of hair only on her head, not all over her body.
Genes give organisms their physical traits, from hair color to body shape.
The firm relies on plastic tubes-filter-fabric straws as thin as human hair.
They drank hair tonic, flavoring extracts and patent medicine.
Conditioners coat your hair in silicone and oils, giving an immediate result that quickly wears off.
Rinse, and turn off again while applying hair conditioner then off.
These wafers must be flat varying no more than one-hundredth of the thickness of a human hair.
She wears a crisply ironed white dress with ribbons in her hair.
Melanin is the substance inside hair or feathers that gives them color.
It is easy to imagine her in that distant encounter-the same direct gaze, the same friendly face and flyaway hair.
Other examples include pigments that produce the color in human hair and skin.
Attach leaves to your hair with bobby pins or by pinning them to a headband.
Keratin evolved into strands of hair only in mammals.
Dad's hair held on through the fall and then abandoned him.
In that picture she was always sorry for the clumsy pins, and the uneven parting in her hair.
One of the first things they did was cut their hair.
Except one: it had moist lips, glossy hair and vivid eyes that blinked slowly.
So, lycanthropy has less to do with an abundance of hair and a desire to devour raw flesh on a full moon.
There ain't no big hair or stonewash jeans to be seen.
Imagine hair that sprouts in skeins from once withered follicles.
Other researchers were studying skin diseases, incontinence after giving birth and hair loss.
The length is often compared to the width of a human hair.
The team was also surprised to find that the whale had hair on its body.
We take it for granted that our hair dryers won't send us to the emergency room and our toothbrushes won't make us go numb.
But instead of revealing any secrets of wound healing, the mice had an inability to grow hair in their first few weeks of life.
Hair tonic poisoning occurs when someone swallows this substance.
Healthy hair cells can detect the magnified sounds from a hearing aid and convert them into neural signals.
Lisa did not speak to me for the rest of the day, and later in the week she got revenge by flinging peas in my hair and face.
There are salons where people can get their hair done.
Also, few human genetic subgroups maintain light colored hair into adulthood.
Frequent hot bathing causing for wrinkle the skin and falling of the hair.
She had fiery red hair and had waitressed for many years at another restaurant down the street.
Brown bears are often called grizzly bears because the tips of the hair on many of them is grayish, or grizzled.
The chimpanzees' hair will stand on end and then they start this rhythmic swaying from side to side.
Trich is a body-focused disorder usually indicated by chronic hair pulling, skin scratching and similar reactions.
Once he added hair and the eyes, the early human seemed to come to life.
Scientists know that bodies immersed in water for an extended period of time will lose their fingernails, toenails, and hair.
Underneath this outer layer of long, coarse hair is even more hair-a soft, woolly coat.
He had salt-and-pepper hair, a fat silver moustache, and chomped an even fatter cigar.
Our hair is rooted in reptilian claws, according to a new study that revealed hair genes in both lizards and birds.
Their long shaggy hair protects them from the cold winters and rainy weather.
Though humans are not literally hairless, much of our hair has become so small and fine as to render it virtually invisible.
That's why a single strand of mummified hair preserves a record of its owner's exposure to toxic elements.
It takes a sip of the sweet liquid oozing from the leaf, brushing a leg against one tiny hair on its surface, then another.
It all looks so feminine and delicate and lovely, until you realize that each of the performers is suspended by her hair.
The photograph before me was taken a year or so ago, cut to fit my wallet, his strawberry blond hair pulled back in a ponytail.
Her left ear had sunk into the flesh on the side of her skull, and her head was almost completely without hair.
Rub through a hair sieve, and add three-fourths its measure of heated sugar.
But she was proud of few things, and one was that she could ride anything that had four legs and hair.
Where the cold sea-maids rise to sun their streaming hair.
It becomes covered with hair at the time of puberty.
Active versions of the gene result in dark hair, whereas inactive ones produce light hair.
Even the hair-shirt option, then, will bring only short-term relief.
There's no chance to feel the wind in your hair or the turf beneath your feet.
Probably a lot of bad hair and bland clothing among the attendees, too.
They also blend cashmere with almost anything else-yak or camel hair, merino wool, even nylon.
My skin is blotchy and breaking out, my hair is thinning and coming out in clumps.
In this video, particularly during the cage sequence, there is a lot of dyed-blonde hair-flipping.
With bees in our hair, with an escort of expiring swans.
So the job was fun, important, and gave me gray hair.
Hair bleach poisoning occurs when someone swallows this substance.
He is wearing loose pajamas, and the strand of hair he combs over his bald spot stands straight up.
He had some gray hair cropped close as a sheep-eaten lawn, and his fingers ended in dumplings, each dumpling having a ring on it.
Gray hair mushrooms from beneath his gold-crested captain's hat.
He is more than six feet tall and in the past three years has gone from shoulder-length hair to a shaved head.
She pushed back a loose strand of her light brown hair.
He was dressed in a well-tailored dark-blue suit, his silver hair swept back.
Ears don't change shape, grow hair or wear disguises.
The so-called inner hair cells convert pressure waves within the fluid into electrical signals the brain can interpret.
They reasoned that the water is bound to the dog by surface tension between the liquid and the hair.
By the next treatment, the hair loss he feared has begun.
Those beams are then combined for a trip down an optical fiber thinner than a human hair.
At first sight, these new materials are simply odd: thin as a hair, transparent and full of holes.
Be able to live longer, change hair color form the scalp and not by coloring it in harmful chemicals.
They live in the environment with no shelter other than tree limbs and their only warmth is that of another chimp or their hair.
Between these two tracks, and nearly touching them, are two silicon rings spaced a fraction of the width of a hair apart.
Then you will know enough to talk about your hair-brained experiment.
He made science cool, turned bad hair good-and there's that tongue photo.
In its normal form, the gene produces a hormone that inhibits eating and also influences hair pigmentation.
For example, say your friend is an olive-skinned individual with somewhat curly hair and green eyes.
The hair cells send their signals through the auditory nerve to the brain.
There's a jumble of hair and teeth under the bedclothes.
The same with the hair on his head, and on his cheeks-which was indistinguishable from the hair on his body.
Both have glossy brown hair, dark eyes, and pale skin.
Another possibility is that it came from the name of a popular hair-strengthening tonic.
Her coxcomb of tough, spiky hair shivered as she launched into a torrent of accusation.
The hair on your head gets thinner-but that's all right, because the hair in your nose and in your ears gets thicker.
When he turns on his hair-dryer, it blows him about as if it were a hurricane.
With a tight sweater and gel-smeared hair, he offers his body for only twenty convertible pesos a night.
Remember that even hairsplitting is not so bad if what is inside the hair turns out to be important.
How our skin and hair look is important to many of us.
All lice have flattened bodies to allow them ease of movement in the hair, fur, and feathers of their hosts.
He re-emerges with a splash and a triumphant whoop, pushing his hair out of his face.
Slipping in without makeup, her luminous hair hidden under a scarf, she tried to make herself inconspicuous.
The only sure way to get rid of lice and their eggs is pore over the hair, starting with a good nit comb.
If you've got both red hair and a fear of the dentist, you're not alone.

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