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Example sentences for hail

At the same time, a cooler downdraft pushed rain and hail to the ground.
Don't wander out to the curb to hail your own taxi.
There was hail the size of baseballs.
Two of the board members hail from those countries, and there are no rules in place which forces them to sit out the discussion.
They surf with two-inch icicles clinging to their wet suits, through stinging hail and overpowering wind.
And, if the tornado doesn't get you, the hail hidden in the core likely will.
Today many of these disruptive innovations hail from the emerging markets.
Emerge victorious, and your comrades hail you as a hero.
But my thoughts quickly veered from the teams' talents to the places from which they hail.
Those who dared speak out were usually silenced with a car bomb or a hail of bullets.
But a more accurate metaphor might be a goose in hunting season, flying though a hail of bullets.
Others took temperature readings and measured the size of raindrops and hail.
These storms often produce strong winds, damaging hail, and even tornadoes.
On the other side, they heard police talking and a hail of bullets fired at the obstructed entrance.
The more the hail beats, and the more the rains fall.
At the same time sleet and hail were driving with all fury against us.
Hail comes from thunderstorms and is larger than sleet.
She warned the kidnappers to free their hostages unconditionally and surrender, or die in a hail of bullets.
Their armour-plated car withstood a hail of bullets.
As the hail battered the homeless and the hungry, sheltering as best they could, this was no consolation.
Some may still hail it as the fuel of the future, but in fact, it is largest crime against humanity.
More precipitation would cause more rainfall--or hail or sleet or snow.
When these molecular calling cards hail from different animals, the proteins come together and allow fertilization to occur.
They have to contend with muggers, hail cabs, and can't even enjoy cookouts.
She takes pains not to hail this switch as a personal victory.
Hail is a product of thunderstorms or intense showers.
Note the hail in the foreground and the lake in the background.
Outside of this main hail area was a larger area of tennis ball size hail.

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