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Have them study the elements of poetry, starting with onomatopoeia and the significance of images in haiku.
Below the jump, you can read all of the submitted haiku.
The slight delays in cognitive processing that these haiku cause are valuable.
At first, of course, it wouldn't be a novel so much as a haiku.
Giving a restaurant a single name is intended to brand it: part mantra and part haiku.
Not only has the studio whittled these movies down to haiku, but it's also a haiku with only two lines.
The inaugural concert program has become a ritual, almost as codified as haiku.
Lockwood, who once told a reporter that she was ten years old when she wrote her first haiku, is a natural-born tweeter.
Edge has put together a set of the haiku master is embedded silently within the haiku.
If you are between a couplet and haiku, you can send unlimited entries.
One might claim that all literature tends to the miniaturized condition of haiku and the maxim.
He was fascinated by the haiku of taxicab communication-the way drivers and dispatchers succinctly convey locations by radio.
Or, it may simply have to do with the same kind of impossible challenge that might prompt a lyric poet to try his hand at haiku.
They deserve long goodbyes, but these haiku sendoffs will have to do.
Print each haiku on chart paper and read it aloud, running your fingers beneath the print as you go.
Students will understand and demonstrate the basic components of haiku poetry.

Famous quotes containing the word haiku

The haiku lets meaning float; the aphorism pins it down.... more
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