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He had created a group of cardigan jackets in linen with built-out shoulders and wand sleeves and almost no lapels.
The chief obstacle in previous negotiations had been the interest rate to be charged for the rescue loans.
Scientists had previously been unsure of the role of glial cells, that is, whether they slowed or accelerated plaque formation.
His only consolation was that he had helped postpone it till now.
It had been cooking long enough for bacteria to grow, if there were any.
Emerging markets had more buttoned-down financial systems to start with.
These cooling events were more drawn out than what would be expected if a barrage of meteors had magnetized the rock.
It had been printed on several sheets, the author noted, suggesting that it was unusually large.
City officials, it turned out, hadn't been aware that trails had been built on public property.
Horses had shinbones the size of chicken drumsticks.
Salmon, for example, had increased mortality for four years after the spill because incubating eggs had come into contact with it.
For me, that had meant lingering gazes toward shiitake logs and tiny oyster mushroom farms.
And no one ever had a real, honest conversation with a snippet.
Two sides, each side had four machines, big machines tearing it down and breaking it.
Although they found the answer, scientists had to keep mum until the agency completed its inquiry.
He repeatedly tried to tear off his gown and had to be restrained.
In the process, they created the illusion that the house had been built in a park.
Some players noticed that their money and weapons had suddenly vanished.
The archbishop would have drawn a much less hostile reaction if he had remembered to make that point more firmly.
Her pain had worsened, and it was now accompanied by shortness of breath and severe abdominal cramping.
Until then, only a handful of prehistoric bird fossils had been unearthed anywhere in the world.
Most have had enough of the politics of personal animosity.
The earliest arrivals probably had no choice-overcrowding elsewhere may have forced them into this forbidding environment.
My brother had the same problem and it turned out he had diabetes.
Two is that it is true or half-true, or based in some truth but they had not heard it before.
At last the expedition had a river's current at its back.
Belowdecks, the ship's charts had been tossed about, and the crewmen's belongings were still in their quarters.
The refreshing and easy soup from that meal has had many a repeat performance.
He says the scrolls had nothing to do with the settlement.
The chair had goofed on how many people were allowed on the panel, and one of us had to go.
It was a big, dry place you had to drive across to get somewhere.
First one was a paper on a movie the students had watched.
Each item had to be scrupulously weighed because each cost its weight in fuel.
We conferred degrees on students who had not yet tested the limits of their patience or the strength of their deodorant.
But she had already left an opening elsewhere in the hedge to frame the entrance to a rose garden a few feet away.
Almost miraculously, the people overwhelmed the strongmen who had oppressed them for decades.
Maybe the heat had revved up the bugs' metabolism, causing them to eat more and reproduce more.
He had that gift for intimacy with any number of people.
Fifty five years ago or more have not had a cure since.
The box holding the bottles had long ago disappeared, consumed by wood-eating mollusks.
It had more volume and tonal quality than it's original control sounding counter part.
Along with bigger teeth and a studier body, the dire wolf also had a smaller braincase.
In the past shopkeepers would not install systems unless shoppers had electronic cash.
Tut may have had the crowns of power, but he didn't have real power.
Imbibing the liquid of fermented fruit may have had its start in medicinal traditions.
She had hoped for an antidepressant prescription or a few relaxation techniques.
We wanted flowers that were bigger, had more petals, or came in different colors or shapes.
No one had ever tested the connection between handedness and types of memory before.
Until he had become chief of staff, his life had been one long much-praised path to good fortune.
In other words, he'd feel happy if the previous student had been happy and sad if the previous student had been sad.
Many excellent scientists had tried and failed to find such a virus.
There had to be a basis which people could understand.
His value as literary material had been realized in part, but no satisfactory portrait of him had been drawn.
Burke had his back to the wall and, in the end, declined the election.
She had been left a large fertile farm when her father died.
Repeated attempts at their solution without the aid of government had left us baffled and bewildered.
But before she had gone too far she was happily saved.
At last he had no more than four shillings left, and no clothes to wear but a pair of slippers and an old dressing-gown.
We had had these three instances of the mode of working of her majesty's government before us.
They went mushroom- and berry-picking regularly and had giant crawfish feasts whenever they could.
The team also discovered that the bat species had varying blood-alcohol contents, suggesting a spectrum of tolerance.
The magnificent civilization that had built the great pyramids had lost its way, torn apart by petty warlords.
Portaging around the falls was going to take much more time than he had planned.
The ancient wolf had a relatively broader, shorter head than the modern-day gray wolf.
Even if it had been, the bankers might not have noticed.
And even if a gift is enjoyed, it may not be what the recipient would have bought had they spent the money themselves.
Had policymakers focused on the income-based measure, their reaction might have been speedier and better informed.
He had strong reasons, both personal and political, for disliking him.
Years of poor management and grabby unions had left it in wretched shape.
Previous attempts had considered only small regions of the globe.
And the resulting gap had allowed a major problem to go unsolved for the better part of a century.
And now, suddenly, she had to take over the job six months earlier than planned.
His clarity and focus over the past couple of months were sharper than they had ever been.
The department had aggressively sought to get as many colleges as possible ready to change to the new system, too.
But she was seeing some results, especially as she likely had others to help her.
The researchers also gave the animals a choice between two cages, one they had been exposed to before and one that was unfamiliar.
The crime scene had shown a horrific act but carried no physical traces at all of the defendants.
The scientists suggest that the craft either was impacted by an object or had a problem with the engine nozzle.
Patients had sued researchers for patenting a cell line or gene isolated from samples without the donors' knowledge.
He was dehydrated, jaundiced and had lost a lot of weight.
The family had not issued a statement at deadline and no reports on her condition had been confirmed.
Holt had been given special permission to access the beach with his friends in privacy.
Early copies are of great interest to scholars, but few had any idea this one existed.
By that time, the weak peso had created a growing tourism boom that had infused the city with new energy.
All parties came away from the report with a story to tell which happened to be the same story they had been telling for months.
She read and appreciated literature, of course, but she had undergone no basic intellectual training.
She stood over six feet tall and had enough bulk and muscle to amaze audiences with her prowess.
They said it had been a mistake, and to make up for it they would do my next surgery for free.
What she had in mind was a vacation, pure and simple.
Each actor thought the other had agreed to the projects, and each had misunderstood.
Careers had been devoted to compiling an impeccable case.
There were those, it should be said, who had whispered all along that the details of the story had never added up.
They had not actually spoken of the grieving process, but she had been afraid that at any moment they might start.
By the late forties, he had acquired a reputation as a serious new musical voice.
Recently, there had been a small fire in the building, rendering the elevators unusable.
She had grown up on the coast, where there was such a thing as spring, but here winter jumped almost directly into summer.
Shelly had discovered it one night when the band she belonged to then had played at an impromptu concert there.
Then again, she had woken up in bed, not on the floor.
The left side of her face-purple, red, and swollen-had clearly taken a thumping.
She had no complaints of arthritis or shortness of breath hinting at other conditions that sometimes involve the brain.
His fever had subsided and he had begun to look and feel better.
He bent over, aware that he had twisted something the wrong way.
She had given birth before epidurals were fashionable.
She'd had a hole pushed through her navel for a tubal ligation.
He said he had been too busy since then to return for a check of his hormone levels.
One of his advanced-stage leukemia patients had low levels of electrolytes and compromised kidney function, the caller reported.
When she got home, her husband noticed that the rash had spread to her back.
He had all the physical tools, as well as tremendous leadership abilities and a fierce determination to win.
Now he had hypertension and occasional abdominal pain.
Which books they had in mind is not precisely clear except for this: they are not likely to be textbooks.
He had a kind of curve in his spine, and his entire posture indicated that he was exhausted.
Frost had a hundred years' tradition he could accept without question, yet he had to teach himself everything.
He maintained that he had been forced to make the movie.
The drummers had a fast transmission system with ambiguous messages.
They had been derived from drugs meant to treat infections, and were found only serendipitously to alter the mental state.
All have or have had followings within the party, whose core of committed voters is surprisingly small.
Ma had been glad to get out of the school bus into a real house for a change.
Nobody had been killed, but a guerrilla had been captured and was being questioned.
Preliminary research suggests that infected animals with the gene had lower rates of virus replication in their cells.
The theory of computation has had a profound influence on philosophical thinking.
More importantly, it gave credibility to research that had all too often suffered from hyperbole.
Many said they had delayed the start of new projects or were considering moving away from the field altogether.
He determined that the creature was long-necked, used its wings to glide, and had curved feet that suggest it lived in trees.
First, researchers have had an incomplete picture of the dragline silk gene sequence.
Apple closed off aspects of its device to third-party applications and had to approve all applications sold through its market.
He had a rare type of cancer, adenocarcinoma of the tongue, which had metastasized to his lungs.
He had his head down and his eyes closed, but there was a firmness in his face that suggested concentration rather than slumber.
It had to be all about the interplay between sweet and sour, rich and crisp.
By noon, the giant vessels were empty and the restaurant had closed.
Dan double-checked the bakers' work, finding they had followed the printed recipe exactly.
He had some gray hair cropped close as a sheep-eaten lawn, and his fingers ended in dumplings, each dumpling having a ring on it.
No one-not our schoolmates, not our teachers, not even our parents-had to ask about them.
Once all five teams had finished cooking, the other students gazed with pride at their plated creations.
If noise had gravity, the stadium would capsize in a second.
For a while, it seemed that eating had the upper hand.
And so the husbands conspired to design a sailing trip that would prove to us that a good time can be had by all on the water.
It's clear humans have had a devastating impact on our planet's ecological web of life.
Volcker had done what central bankers are supposed to do.
He had been out of college coaching for eight years, and he had paid more than enough for his mistake.
Phoenix had not become one of the world's kidnapping capitals.

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