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Example sentences for hackneyed

The result doesn't even reach hackneyed sitcom status.
There was a lot of truth in this reply, however hackneyed.
The show about an inept spy was banal and relied on hackneyed gimmicks.
Further such thinking is not only so hackneyed but it's also passé.
Frankly, it's getting a little hackneyed and pathetic
This convoluted mystery is crippled by hackneyed dialogue and labored clue placement, and a less-than-compelling hero.
This is the most hackneyed view of the situation I have heard expressed.
This debut mystery is as hackneyed as it is implausible.
Please spare me until you can come up with with a less hackneyed theme.
The lyrics are so hackneyed, the intonations so dry, that things would only improve if I could not understand a lick of it.
The irony is that when writers fall into the obvious narratives that would work for sports,, they look hackneyed for science.
The concept of an evil corporation is pretty hackneyed at this point.

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