hackles in a sentence

Example sentences for hackles

Android skins have raised the hackles of some smartphone enthusiasts.
But it doesn't appear to have raised the hackles of even those senators who are opposed to some of the other provisions.
When people approach, the adult dogs raise their hackles and snarl threateningly.
Not surprisingly, the new findings have raised hackles.
Though the program was limited, it raised privacy hackles.
Tougher language requirements at other points of the process are already raising hackles.
Perhaps they are, but some of the team's ill-considered actions have raised the hackles of privacy watchdogs and policymakers.
As it happens, the airport is already preoccupied with a more local problem that has raised a lot of hackles.
Talk of the latter always raised hackles but the alternative could be worse.
If its ears are laid back and hackles are up it is likely to charge.
Scuds, sow bugs, and soft hackles are popular fly patterns.
The nature of the work can still raise hackles among defenders, who may sometimes fail to appreciate a friendly attacker.

Famous quotes containing the word hackles

Chieftain Iffucan of Azcan in caftan Of tan with henna hackles, halt! Damned universal cock, as if the sun... more
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