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Example sentences for habituated

Sometimes you can become habituated to your timer and it's useful to be able to change the ring.
Any wild animal may be dangerous if provoked or overly habituated to human presence.
Wild animals can be tamed and habituated to human handlers but the potential for harm is always there.
Two of the missing gorilla families were habituated for tourism viewing.
Once a lion is deemed habituated to humans, there aren't many options.
But you can get sick even with filters because the brain can become habituated to the gas without your realizing it.
Up to that point he clings stubbornly to that which he knows and to which he knows and to which he is habituated.
Eventually, habituated animals pose additional problems as they mature and develop adult animal behaviors.
Nineteen of these involved wolves habituated to humans.
Unfortunately, bears often lose their natural wariness towards humans when they become habituated to human food.
Once habituated to campground fare, a bear may become aggressive to humans.
Bears that are both conditioned to human foods and habituated to human presence often become dangerous to people.
Those habituated to people as a source of food, however, may be more aggressive.
Bears often become habituated to handouts and lose their fear of humans.
The author habituated the wolf pack to his presence in the first summer and reinforced the habituation each summer thereafter.
Bears that eat people's garbage, may become habituated to people.
Habituated bears are often perceived as threats to human safety and removed from the population.
Habituated animals such as ground squirrels often beg for food.
Bears that have become habituated to human foods adopt activity patterns that mirror those of people.

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