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All animals affect their habitat.
Instead, research has focused on factors such as habitat loss and fragmentation.
Hulk gleefully prances through his natural habitat, free as a bird.
It could also be sent to the moon in advance of astronauts to start building a habitat before they get there.
Horror, mystery and science-fiction books have spread their genetic code to a foreign habitat: the literature section.
It's a pretty shabby habitat for creatures once displayed so proudly.
Culling and, yes, killing a portion of a herd seems a natural way of helping a group of animals and their habitat to thrive.
The population density of humans has gone way up and so has the habitat degradation.
Bush may be a free-range animal, but he has a habitat, in which he stays.
The tropics, apparently, can never become their habitat.
To keep the habitat clear of unwanted trees and undergrowth, they regularly set huge areas on fire.
Its disappearance may be due in part to warming, which made its habitat unlivable.
Companies discourage all visitors, claiming they might disrupt the birds' habitat.
It is a muddied habitat with fuzzy edges and home to all sorts of people, including those who do not fit traditional scholarship.
Then it can zing the information off to anything that's connectable, smoothly fitting the stuff into its natural habitat.
Someday each of them may be as smart as an ant, dissolved into our habitat.
In an unproductive habitat, animals will find less food, and so there will be fewer of each species.
Each habitat creates its own set of conditions in which individuals thrive or die.
Any development has an impact on some habitat or another.
The resistance is harmless as long as the bacteria remain confined to their normal habitat.
The clams fed off their captive algae and their habitat expanded into sunlit waters.
Reincarnate into an immortal jellyfish, avoid predators and toxins, and pray for someone to rescue you when your habitat dies.
The loss of entire ecosystems due to the decimation of habitat.
Yes, the ice is melting and penguins are losing their habitat.
Around the world carnivorous plants are on the decline, the victims of habitat loss, illegal poaching and pollution.
Wildfires not only destroy property and habitat, they are extremely costly.
In the meantime, herpetologists are attempting to preserve animals by removing them from their natural habitat.
Mining degrades the local landscape and destroys wildlife habitat, while polluting both air and water.
The location where the pair discovered the frogs has not been disclosed to protect the remaining habitat.
In the northwest it means more water used for electricity production and less for fish habitat bad for salmon.

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