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He earned a bachelor's degree while working full time and living in a small, barely habitable house with three family members.
By it is the universe made safe and habitable, not by science or power.
In the houses which were left habitable, mould and spores grew during the many humid weeks when the city lacked electricity.
She bought an abandoned farm and made the buildings more or less habitable as best she could.
They reportedly also constructed an enormous underground habitable bunker that could serve as a bomb shelter.
Scientists might have picked the right star for hosting a habitable world, but got the planet wrong.
The cabins are retreats built with no direct line-of-sight to any other habitable part of the lodge.
The crater and sediments contain minerals that formed in the presence of water and suggest potentially habitable environments.
Scientists say they are closing in on finding distant worlds in the habitable zones of their stars.
Now that the cabin can be officially occupied, my work is to make it habitable and comfortable before settling in.
Two are astronomical: the fraction of stars with planets and the mean number of habitable planets per star.
The greenhouse effect is essential for our survival because it maintains the temperature of our planet within a habitable range.
Unfortunately even with moons and a dense packing, they will not often lie as far out as the atmosphere habitable zone.
They helpfully moderate stream flows and make the area habitable for less-hardy life.
Being rocky, however, is no guarantee that a planet will be habitable.
The likely rocky planet orbits squarely in its star's habitable zone, making it a prime candidate for life, astronomers report.
The astronomers were also able for the first time to determine the age of the stars in the habitable zone.
Once he had that, it's easy enough to extrapolate it out to the distance of the habitable zones of the stars.
And having a restless planet is a consequence of having a habitable one.
If astronomers are right, many of them will prove to be habitable.
Heat and air-conditioning keep it habitable throughout the year.
Basically, you take the average number of stars in the galaxy and you ask what percentage have habitable planets.
The landlord has a duty to make all repairs necessary to make buildings and apartments habitable.
Habitable accessory buildings may not exceed the height of the principal residence.

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